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by MrNiceGuy at 2:42 PM
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A public stats backend and login services have been put online following the new release of BF2Statistics V3.1.0

A BIG thanks to @Wilson212 for all his hard work through the years.

This system is 15 years old, so why not celebrate :D

- The ASP backend is currently running on:

- The Gamespy services on:, so you can use this to create an account and play online.

- BF2 Linux Server running on:



It's currently running in Ranked mode, so players needed to start...
by Wilson212 at 2:03 AM
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Hello everyone!

After many years of coding, testing, burning out, getting back into it and beta releases... The full release package for BF2Statistics v3 is finally out of beta and in full production mode! I want to thank everyone who stuck with me through this long process and provided me with details on the bugs they found and ideas to make the system better. I also want to provide a special thanks to MrNiceGuy for keeping this website active and not taking it down when times got slow and activity was sparse. Please enjoy this system, and feel free to share your BF2 stories here on this forum!

System Requirements:
  • Apache 2.2 or newer.
  • Apache Mod Rewrite (popular Apache module)
  • PHP Version 5.6.2 or newer (PHP 7+ supported and preferred)
  • PHP PDO extension.
  • PHP pdo_mysql extension
  • MySQL 5.5 or newer (untested on older versions), or MariaDB 10.0 or newer.
  • Battlefield 2 Dedicated Server...
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by MrNiceGuy at 3:22 PM
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Hello all,

there is currently a restrictive system preventing users from registering at this forum,
reason is we have had lots of spammers in the past and it's unfortunately the only way to keep them out.

So please use a valid email address, and make sure it's not listed in any blacklists.

There's also someone who have used the contact form, where I'm not able to reply, because the ip is blacklisted.

I usually create accounts manually if a user has any issues with registering an account.