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by Wilson212 at 12:34 AM
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Hello all!

It's been a while since I've posted or released any updates on the system. There will be 2 major updates coming in the month of December and January 0f 2023. Let's talk about this!

Update 3.2: The next update is going to be coming within the next 3 weeks or so and will include the following changes:

New Features:
  • Added support for an EA style of having 4-star generals (one promoted each month). Currently, the only option is what we call "clan mode", and this only allows a single 4-star general at a time (much like sergeant major of the corps). In this update, you will be able to select which of the two modes you would like to use, and the ASP maintenance page will change accordingly (clan mode or EA mode).
  • A general refresh of the SMOC and 4-star general screens, showing more information such as a table displaying who has held the rank in the past (to prevent promoting someone again on accident).
  • Player promotion history is displayed on the View...
by MrNiceGuy at 12:45 PM
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Hi all!

A member on GitHub has added support for Docker!

Here's what he's saying:

Head on over and check it out! :cool:
by MrNiceGuy at 11:33 AM
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Hello all!

A misconfiguration with the email settings on this forum has been addressed.
You should be able to recover your password again.

There where loads of errors reported fortunately, but since i haven't been on here for a while,
I hadn't received any emails about the errors obviously... o_O

Sorry for the inconvenience! :grinning: