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by MrNiceGuy at 3:22 PM
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Hello all,

there is currently a restrictive system preventing users from registering at this forum,
reason is we have had lots of spammers in the past and it's unfortunately the only way to keep them out.

So please use a valid email address, and make sure it's not listed in any blacklists.

There's also someone who have used the contact form, where I'm not able to reply, because the ip is blacklisted.

I usually create accounts manually if a user has any issues with registering an account.

by Wilson212 at 5:49 AM
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The v3 public beta has finally been released! After working on this release for over 3 years, I proudly present you with the public beta version for the ASP, server python, and Gamespy Emulators! Please report any bugs and issues you find!! The beta zip file contains the ASP files that need to be in your www root folder, the server ranked python files, and a Gamespy Emulator designed to work with the new v3 database structure.

Download Located Here:

More information can be found here:
by Wilson212 at 9:04 PM
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Hello everyone! It's no secret that version 3.0 of the ASP has been in development (and multiple hiatus) over the last 3 and a half years now. Today I come bringing good news, the ASP is about 85% complete now! This new ASP has so many more features over version 2.2, and I will list them below:
  • Written on a new MVC Framework: Version 3 has been written on a brand new MVC framework of my own design. Inspired greatly by C#'s structure and it's naming conventions, long gone are the days or procedural functions. Everything in the framework is now written in Object Oriented classes. Modules now have their own self-containing folders, with views, images, JavaScripts, style sheets and models. As you will see in some of the screenshots below, the new core is blazing fast, rendering some pages in less than one-tenth of a second.
  • No More .aspx Files: Let's face the facts here, most headaches with this system have been setting up this system...