Wrong Player pid when playing and serving

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by callmeincubus, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. callmeincubus

    callmeincubus New Member

    Hi does anyone know how to get around it mistaking me for a bot if i play and serve from the same machine ?
    As when im in game my pid is a bot type pid and when im in bfhq its using my real pid so i miss out on unlocks ranks ect. :(

    Say like moding the bit in the PlayerManager.py that makes it give out pids to bots ect.
    as im not 2 hot with python :(
  2. callmeincubus

    callmeincubus New Member

    :) hmm Placing my Nick And Real Pid in pid.txt sorta did the trick can view my stats rank up and get unlocks in bfhq now but dont seem to be able to use them ingame
    mabie a setting in the server config will fix this
  3. lumo

    lumo New Member

    have the same problem, at least with the unlocks... i can get em but i can't use em ingame...
    (i added em by sql script...)
  4. callmeincubus

    callmeincubus New Member

    damm the nick in the pid.txt still didnt fix me having the bot pid ingame.
    im sure a simple if then type in the statement PlayerManager.py will overcome this.
  5. callmeincubus

    callmeincubus New Member

    Got it! now i have the proper pid when playing and viewing stats
    sadly even tho i get unlocks i can use them ingame :(

    not sure if this is even right but it works
    i edited the this bit in the Playermanager.py file and added a "or pid == 43514536" in the folwing line

    def getProfileId(self):
    pid = self.profileid
    if not host.pmgr_p_get("ai", self.index) and pid == 0 or pid == 43514536:# Don't bother doing this if player is 'bot

    oh nearly forgot you will have to put your real pid in place of the number above for it work
    im not sure if this will work straight off the bat or if u still need to have your nick + real pid in the pid.txt and your nick and real pid in the database.

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