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wrong database version

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by hash2k2, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. hash2k2

    hash2k2 New Member

    after installing the database i should click on the bf2 logo in the top, but after clicking nothing happens. i just have the same menu for installing the database.

    after playing the logfiles were copied to the logs folder but
    in the error_log file i got the msg that i do have the wrong database version.
    ERROR: database version expected: 1.4.2 FOUND: 1.2+
    which database i have to update to fix the problem.

    another question: do i have to create an "online" account on my server or just creating an offline account and start playing?
  2. Krauzi

    Krauzi Member

    ähm i had a similar problem:
    I have win 2k8 server 64 bit with php x64 and mysql x64. PHP cant check the database version so bf2statistics wont work. The solution is:

    [bf2statistics.php//line 101]
    -$curdbver = getDbVer();
    +$curdbver = $cfg->get('db_expected_ver');

    [admin.process.php//line 203]
    -if (getDbVer() != $cfg->get('db_expected_ver')) {
    +if ($cfg->get('db_expected_ver') != $cfg->get('db_expected_ver')) {

    [admin.process.php//line 925]
    -$curdbver = verCmp(getDbVer());
    +$curdbver = verCmp($cfg->get('db_expected_ver'));

    -$dbver = getDbVer();
    +$dbver = $cfg->get('db_expected_ver');

    I know this is very dirty and im still searching for a working method. But it does work for me.

    Cheers Krauzi