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Web Statistics System

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by frankking, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. frankking

    frankking New Member

    Has anyone been able to get the statistics system to work using the standalone BF2 v1.4.1 server and the updated BF2 Client (v1.4.1)?

    I have made all changes required and my statistics system works great, however, if I change the IP address in the Hosts file on my BF2 client so I can interact with my statistics on BFHQ, upon logging in to BFHQ, my screen goes black and I exit out to my desktop.

    Also, on the server, if I try to connect (with the IP address changed in the HOSTS file) I get a message about an invalid Gamespy URL.

    I have noticed in the forums that some questions have been asked regarding these issues, but no one seems to know why this is happening. Should I downgrade my server and clients? This system does work with v1.4.1 correct?

    My statistics system runs AWSOME, I get awards, badges, medals, etc. But I do NOT get UNLOCKS. Even when all unlocks are set.

    So in summary, I can not redirect the bf2web.gamespy.com URL on the server because of the error message whenever someone tries to connect (invalid Gamespy URL), and I can not redirect the gamespy url on the client because it crashes and sends me back to the desktop when I try to login.

    For those who may mention it, I have tried the client posted here in the downloads are with the exact same results.

    PLEASE HELP!!! I NEED UNLOCKS!!!! Thanks in advance for any help provided.
  2. spidypiet(NL)

    spidypiet(NL) New Member

    1 are you running game and server on same machine
    2 are you using bf2 statistics 1.4.2
    3 are you using the outsmart.vbs of bf2statistics 1.4.2
    4 what kind OS are you using
    5 if its only unlocks you seek there are mods for it you know
    6 did you change the right ip in BF2StatisticsConfig.py and snapshot.py
  3. frankking

    frankking New Member

    Thanks, I got it working finally... works AWSOME!!!