Wanna Pause your Dedicated Server?

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    So my son and I figured out how to pause our dedicated server. Comes in handy when one of us needs to step away for a minute. We both use version 2.3.5. First, you'll need to create a new plain text document in ~Battlefield 2 Server\admin called default.cfg
    Enter the following text into the new file:


    Where yourbf2password is the password for your online account. Save the file and close it.
    Start the server, launch the game, and join the map you just started with the server.
    While in-game open the command console by with the ~ key, normally located just below the Esc key.
    Now you need to remote-connect to the server with the following command:
    rcon login yourbf2password

    To pause the game use the following command:
    rcon exec gamelogic.togglepause <Enter>

    The same command un-pauses the game, and the up arrow key enters the last command you just typed. so to un-pause, with the command console open:
    Up Arrow <Enter>
    Now you can pause/un-pause your game on the fly! Press the ~ key to close the command console.



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    Good info for server admins

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