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Veteran Grapple and Zipline

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by wbshrk, May 26, 2009.

  1. wbshrk

    wbshrk New Member

    Ok I have change the number of deploys of the Veteran badge on my sever but no one with 75 grapples has received the Veteran badge yet. Looking at other badge this code seem to apply that you need to deploy the grappling hook 75 time in one round. Which seem highly unlikely.
    #Grappling Hook Usage
    ('1260708_1',	'X1ghb',	1, object_stat ('weapons', 'deployed', WEAPON_TYPE_GRAPPLINGHOOK, 5)),
    ('1260708_2',	'X1ghb',	1, f_and( 	has_medal ('1260708_1'),
    object_stat ('weapons', 'deployed', WEAPON_TYPE_GRAPPLINGHOOK, 75))),
    How do I get it to be once some one has 75 grapples they get the badge?
  2. Thinner

    Thinner New Member


    you changed medal_data_xpack.py, right?
    But these medals are only checked if you are playing xpack.
    Have a look at medals.py:

    # Most MODs don't use SF medals, so we'll default to bf2 medals_data
    running_mod = str(host.sgl_getModDirectory())
    if ( running_mod.lower() == 'mods/xpack' ):
    from bf2.stats.medal_data_xpack import *
    from bf2.stats.medal_data import *
  3. wbshrk

    wbshrk New Member

    I have added this code to the normal medal data file. I can get the basic badges but that is it. Am I missing other code?
  4. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    I don't know for now. But IMHO you don't need to add the xpack medals from medal_data_xpack.py to medal_data.py. Backup medal_data.py and create a copy of medal_data_xpack.py and rename this copy to medal_data.py. Or change import code in medals.py to import medal_data_xpack.py only for all Mods.

    To debug your problem i need to know which Mod are you playing.
  5. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    please have a look here: http://www.bf2statistics.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?6348.post