Upcoming v3.0 Release

Discussion in 'News' started by Wilson212, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Just to keep you guys in the loop, I uploaded the ASP v3 on the Nations at War servers so they can do some thorough testing for me. If all goes well, the public release should be in just a few short weeks!
  2. just cheeking your ok mate haven't heard from you u glad your ok merry Christmas :)
  3. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member


    967 games tested so far over the course of this year! Everything seems pretty stable. Nearly time for release!
  4. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

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  5. Roberto

    Roberto New Member

    Thanks a lot for that, the whole community is very grateful for your work. check my latest BFHD release m8
  6. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Wow Roberto! That looks very good!
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  7. Roberto

    Roberto New Member

    thank you mester! I hope some day I figure out how to make it ranked. I suck in that server part.
  8. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    If you require any help on server side stats, Im always available to help.
  9. Roberto

    Roberto New Member

    Thank you a lot I will try to make it work this weekend. I let you know if I'm having a hard time.
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  10. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    Guys, does anybody know is there web.config version of .htaccess to run version 3 under IIS web server?

  11. Kolja

    Kolja New Member

    help me) where you can be contacted apart from this?
  12. Michael Freeman

    Michael Freeman New Member

    Hi. Just to clarify as I'm new to this. Does this require Linux ? What am I supposed to do with the Gamespy emulator as it looks like a Windows application. Does this run on the clients machine ? There was also mention of thee Gamespy Redirector. Do I need to use that as well ? I am running all this on my LAN network with the server on one machine (if that is the Linux part) and the BF2 client on my Windows 10 machine.
  13. exemaco

    exemaco Member

  14. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    It is possible to get the stats working on a linux machine. Takes a little setup, but it is possible
  15. Roberto

    Roberto New Member

    ok, now everything it's working fine, Rank, login, etc, but my server show with IP even from outside and I can't connect from the server list only by inputing the IP, any hint guys for thar final step?
  16. marty6

    marty6 Member

    Hi Wilson,

    Are you still around? Got a question for you. On the CSE check how do you unban someone when there is no report? Do I need to delete the snapshots in order to unban? If I change the verifyplayer to verifyplayerold the the unban works.

  17. haxb0x2

    haxb0x2 New Member

    How do I get other servers including my own to show up in the server browser? I think the Master Server emulator does this correct? What am I doing wrong nothing is appearing in that list. Login server works just fine. Please please please help.
  18. Sunnyghost

    Sunnyghost Member

    Hi Haxb0x2, I have the same issue. When I log in using the Gamespy redirector no servers are vissible in the server browser but when I log in using the BF2HUB client I can see all servers including mine. I think its because all my servers (5) are using the server bf2 executable downloaded from the BF2HUB website. I didnt try to use the vanilla BF2 server executable but I expect my servers will become vissible in the server browser. All the other servers like BF2HUB wont be vissible in that case.
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  19. haxb0x2

    haxb0x2 New Member

    I may have a a solution but its going to take me a min to work out as I need to hex edit the server.exe and setup a subdomain etc. Its messy atm lol. I have another issue as well.... With BF2 Statistics 3 beta I cant get my player to rank up. I get medals and everything and they save but the rank will not change. The progress bar just shows full in BF2HQ. Everything else seems to work. I wonder if this has to do with sv.internet being at 0 instead of 1? I will report back with my findings. My goal is to not use BF2HUB not that it isn't a good service cause it is I just want a backup way of playing in case they go down.
    I know this post is all over the place lol No sleep will do that to ya. Thanks for any help or insight.
  20. Sunnyghost

    Sunnyghost Member

    We ( 62 TOFR ) have only one ranked BF2HUB server and that is our main server.
    I am just testing a private ranking system for the same reason.....having a backup system .
    I am hosting the other 5 servers myself. I will do some test tomorrow and see if i can rank up.
    Atm i “disable” BF2HUB client the moment i use the gamespy redirector. Its okay for me that way.
    I will let you know if my player account is up ranking.
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