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trouble start gameserver as internet mode~!

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by laotumsn, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. laotumsn

    laotumsn New Member

    Hello,My company have a intranet Lan,so I would like to server to Internet mode。

    1st,I have installed the BF2statistics system,and Test config show all pass。

    2nd, I Maked hosts.ics and write the same localhost bf2web.gamespy.com

    executing cmd ping bf2web.gamespy.com
    Pinging bf2web.gamespy.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time
  2. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    Why do you want to enable sv.internet 1 while your server is running in LAN environment? It's only really usefull for WAN (=internet) servers.
    If it's enabled your server is added to server browser list. If your server doesn't have an active internet connection (WAN) it will crash.

    Anyway... add this to your hosts.ics and you server should run as aspected: battlefield2.master.gamespy.com

    Now you can also enable pb for your LAN server.
  3. laotumsn

    laotumsn New Member

    I want to have a private Rank,BF2Statistics can not run in LAN mode ...
  4. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    BF2Statistic is running fine in pure LAN environment
  5. laotumsn

    laotumsn New Member

    But,how do I get Online Account to join the LAN server ??

    I found by searching in the Form,many people say that unlock weapon and track record
    must run in Internet,so I am a little confused~~
  6. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    That's not related to BF2Statistics.
    You can't login with online accounts without an active internet connection, because your BF2 client can't access gamespy login server. That's why they were named "online" accounts. But you can use offline-accounts. But then you can't access BFHQ and unlocks. Again, this is a BF2 problem. BF2Statistics will work with offline accounts too.
  7. laotumsn

    laotumsn New Member

    thk thinner, I will try later.
    I have seen the one cracked BF2.exe, and use account simulate ,he sucessed access BFHQ and unlocks in LAN .... God.....