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    Good day,

    I am trying to use the BF2 Statistics Control Center with stats, but no matter what I do, I cannot record any stats. The problem plagues any version of the control center, from the XP friendly v1.10 right through to the Win7 v2.35. Snapshots cannot be processed at all.

    No matter what, the BFHQ will not load stats. No stats are recorded in BF2. Any and all snapshots fail to process and instead give off an error message each time.

    Turning off the Windows Firewall seems to have no impact. Adding ports to my Firewall (now disabled), also has no impact.

    I tried to run the BF2 Login Emulator, but it did not work with BF2 or the control center.

    I have even installed the BF2 dedicated server 1.41, as I am using the v1.41 patch, but now snapshots are not recorded. Perhaps I should be using the dedicated server 1.5 instead? The dedicated server seems to be detached from BF2, and the control center, at all times.

    It seems to me that the next step is to bypass SQLite, and use a MySQL database using XAMPP.

    I am a longtime BF2 gamer. I used the AIX 2.0 mod for years, but after Windows XP was killed in 2014, I could not use the BFHQ anymore. I would love to run and use the BF2 Statistics Control Center as it was intended to be run, with great stats features, and a functional BFHQ used while offline. I am trying to unlock the potential of this program.

    If anyone here can help me run the Control Center as intended, I would appreciate it.

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