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Statistics do not update

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by malinens, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. malinens

    malinens New Member

    when I click import logs:

    2007-10-03 16:37:25 : Importing Log Files
    2007-10-03 16:37:25 :  -> Importing _admin_event.log...done!
    2007-10-03 16:37:25 :  -> Importing _stats_errors.log...done!
    2007-10-03 16:37:25 :  -> Importing bf2game_20071003.log...done! (this log I copied from python/bf2/logd)
    2007-10-03 16:37:25 : Total files imported: 3
    when I go to bf2statistics.php, I have this error:
    E H response D ERROR: SNAPSHOT Data NOT found!
    in phpmyadmin I have no updates (database is empty).

    My serveri version v1.0.2442 (I do not want upgrade server).

    Maybe I must use old bf2statistics version for this old server?
    I hope someone answer me :)
    Sorry for my Englsih
  2. frankking

    frankking New Member

    You dont have to manually update the statistics. The database is updated by the game when it thinks your server is GameSpy. Provided you have the server setup correctly (ASP, not just web interface) your statistics will update.

    Bottom line, the server does not require you to manually update everything all of the time before any stats show up.