[solved]BF2 crashes when loggin in with an online account

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by Haslang, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Haslang

    Haslang New Member


    Hi folks,

    I have a little problem with the outsmart of BF2. Every time I start the game after redirecting bf2web.gamespy.com to manually the games crashes and I am returned to the desktop. The .vbs-file, which is provided in the 1.42 package doesn't work. I tried the 1.4 version script and it doesn't work either. Every time I try to start the game via this script I get a error-message (I am using vista 64Bit and v1.5 of BF2).
    Did EA improve the outsmart-detection with patch 1.5 or is it just a bug (maybe a vista related bug?). Please help me :D

  2. mfaiao

    mfaiao New Member

    well, I had the same problem. I lost months with this
    The script does't work anymore using the HOSTS file becose BF2 has a protection against private rank. (1.5 does'n make any change)

    You need to create the HOSTS.ICS file (not just HOSTS) in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc.
    Edit the file and insert the line with your server IP: bf2web.gamespy.com
    All clients will need the file with this redirect

    Try to ping bf2web.gamespy.com and you IP's server must appear.

    Done, your redirect will now go work with online accounts.
    Just start the game without the script

    *make sure the redirect is not in the file HOSTS, just in HOSTS.ICS, otherwise your game will crash.

    *your DNSclient service mus be activated on XP and VISTA

    I hope it works!! :)
  3. Haslang

    Haslang New Member

    Thanks for your quick reply. I tested your solution and it works!
    Thank you very much!
  4. DOYLE

    DOYLE New Member

    so does this apply to the server side as well or just client???
  5. Haslang

    Haslang New Member

    I guess just the client...
  6. DOYLE

    DOYLE New Member

    my server crashes when the host file is edited with bf2web.gamespy.com tryed the host.ics

    some error about gamespy url. which means the ranks with in the game will not work. any way to fix this????

    thank you for any info you have on this problem
  7. Anders

    Anders New Member

    have you tried ping bf2web.gamespy.com
  8. mfaiao

    mfaiao New Member

    Doyle, remember that the redirec can't be into the HOSTS file, otherwise the game will detect and it will crash.
    You must use the redirect ONLY INTO HOSTS.ICS FILE

    I guess the server doesn't need this, just the clients. I'm not sure becose I use my server to play, so it also has the redirect.

    (Sorry by the english, I'm brasilian) :D
  9. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    server and client will crash if redirect is in hosts-file, so you have to use hosts.ics on both.
  10. DOYLE

    DOYLE New Member

    thank you all for your replys
  11. DOYLE

    DOYLE New Member

    tryed it all works thank you all only thing is anyone know why the unlocks and ranks will not work when configured in the stats admin to have them all unlocked??

    ping to gamespy comes back to the server ip

    db updates with scores ect
  12. Ari Prince

    Ari Prince New Member

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