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Server crashing - need ideas - help ?

Discussion in 'BF2 Server Administration' started by stevie, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. stevie

    stevie New Member

    I've run BF2 games with BF2Statistics for more than three years on various flavors of linux and the games have always run near perfectly. I was forced to switch to windows recently because our provider cannot support linux anymore. Initially they installed Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (64 bit) and the stats recording at end of round worked but the ranks would not show up ingame. We tried for days to figure out why but could not find a reason. The game server connected to the backend server at start of round but for some reason the data transfer just seemed to stop. The python log would just stop recording before all the player data had been received. I had them switch the O/S to Standard Server 2003 (32 bit) and the ingame ranks started to work again, but the games crash many, many times a day. On average each game crashes between 8 and 12 times in a 24 hour period. A crash per week was average on CentOS. I recently removed the BF2Statistics python folder from all the games, didn't even bother removing hosts.ics, just replaced the python folders, and the games ran without crashing for 24 hours straight.

    The log files have no errors whatsoever in them, and the games almost always crash at the same point, loading a new map. The rounds end fine and the snapshot is sent to the backend and received OK - Then the gameserver start loading the player data and awards for the next round and the python logging just seems to stop. But - did the server stop because the data transfer went wrong and stopped the BF2 process, or did the BF2 process stop so the stats data loading stopped? I'm at a loss and would appreciate any ideas or suggestions. I've uploaded the python log from our vanilla game one day that it crashed quite a few times here: http://affordable-internet.com/temp/bf2game_20100328.log
    Its a big file (like 97m) because I had all the debugging turned on for the day. If someone has a clue as to why this is happening or even has an idea as to how I can find out I would be eternally grateful. If I can provide any useful information that might help I will do my best to get that, just let me know what it might be. The only thing I have modded in the BF2Statistics python folder was changing the scores associated with the current BF2 ranks. Other than that the BF2Stats python folders are stock and brand new. I have skype, xfire, icq, and we have ventrilo for our games, if you need to speak with me just shoot me a pm.

    Thanks in advance for any help

  2. stevie

    stevie New Member

    Sorry if I posted this to the wrong forum - wasn't paying attention. It probably should have gone in Tech Support.
  3. EZE

    EZE New Member

    Check if you have moded maps if there's any object that you erased.