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Server always crashes with BF2Statistics after 3 rounds

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by learjet45, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. learjet45

    learjet45 New Member

    Hello all.
    I am new to Bf2Statistics. I just downloaded and installed it yesteday.
    I am running a server for the clan I am in. We want a server with a private ranking system to mess around on and mess around with the point per kill and other settings like that.
    I downloaded and installed bf2statistics v1.4.2 on a battlefield 2 1.41 dedicated server install. The server also has modmanager scripts installed because I am using bf2cc.
    I configured bf2ccd to start up the server using the BF2PrivateStats.vbs file.
    In the bf2priavatestats file, I set up the strMatchContent as my external IP address only, ex, nothing after the last numbers. I set up the first strLookupAddr as my external IP the same way as the strMatchContent, nothing after the numbers. I set up the second strLookupAddr as my local IP, like the first two,, and nothing else.

    Myself and a few others who have played on the server used bf2statistics client to launch bf2. we all put in my external IP address for the database address and the game server IP. I did not use auto log in.

    We joined the server, and all was alright. The ranking system was working right, and we got kills. I know my friend said he got awards, but I know I never got any of the awards.

    At first we had it at about 16 bots, then we upped it to 32. We also tried 20. No matter what, after 3 rounds of playing, the server would crash. I looked at the bf2ccd process, and it just said that server stopped on map [map name here] waiting 10 seconds before restart.

    I wasn't sure why it was crashing. at first I thought maybe it was demo recording, but I dont think it is. i looked in the directory, and there are 3 demos there that have an actual file size, and 3 that are at 0KB.

    Then after I tabbed out one time to check the bf2cc client, I noticed that the use and show global rankings had become unchecked after the crash. We were playing a co-op server because the clan isnt very big.

    Anyways, I enabled the setting again and restarted the server manually (ended the bf2_w32ded.exe) and opened the bf2privatestast.vbs.
    We join back, and none of us have our ranks. I went into the admin section, and looked at settings. I tried running the rank validator tool thing, and we all got ranked up, which I believe means the stats are posting to the database. My friend made a basic page where you can enter your account and it gets some basic info from the databsae. It isnt all 0s, so I am almost 100% positive everything is getting sent to the database.

    Our problem is that the server always crashes after 3 rounds, and if we join back, we do not have our rank. I enabled the rank checking, and that didnt do anything. Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong or if I need to change/add/remove something? We would really love to have this work, but right now it doesnt :(
    Also, it only happens with servers running the stats system. I have run other servers without it, and all is fine.

    oh, also, we cannot connect with my external internet IP address. bf2 fails to connect when we try. We all joined our hamachi network and connected locally. I dont know if that is another part of the problem, or if that is normal or what. I have run other servers that work fine and can be connected to using my external ip.
  2. silvermethod

    silvermethod New Member

    I'm one of his clanmates and that is basically exactly what happened :(