Revive BF2 - Gamespy shutting down

Discussion in 'News' started by MrNiceGuy, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. MrNiceGuy

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    The guys over at The Blue Entertainment are planning on reviving Battlefield 2.

    In the light of gamespy shutting down, a project of keeping Battlefield 2 alive has started.
    Here's what they are planning (taken from their website):

    Our Goal:
    To bypass the death of Gamespy servers and offer a patch to continue service of Battlefield 2 and allow players to login, browse servers and more. We will be redoing the BFHQ Stats system and plan on releasing an unofficial update to fix any issues left over from the 1.5 update from 2009.

    Who we are:
    Blue Entertainment. We've been friends with many big modding groups and communities in BF2 ever since the start. We are Battlefield veterans and hate to see the game die.

    What is planned:
    - Redo BFHQ Stats
    - Patch issues left over from the last BF2 Update
    - Add high quality community maps as default maps
    - And more!

    Visit them at
  2. ebug

    ebug New Member

    Hi guys! ebug from Blue Entertainment here. I look forward to working with you on this project. BF2 deserves to be around as long as it can be and not at the mercy of EA's unwillingness to pay overdue bills at GameSpy.
  3. MrNiceGuy

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    Hi ebug, welcome to bf2statistics! :D
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  5. Churrasco

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    One thing you guys could (hopefully easily) fix is badge requirements.

    The requirements for a couple of badges are still messed up. Back in one of the previous patches (1.41 I think), they changed the requirements for the Veteran and Expert vehicle badges (Armor, Jet, Heli). They previously required 100 hours for the Veteran and 400 hours for the Expert, making it very difficult for people to acquire those badges. The time requirements were reduced to 50 hours for the Veteran and 150 hours for the Expert.

    This was great, except it looks like they forgot to change the requirements for the Armor badges, which still sit at 100h/400h for Veteran/Expert. It would be great if this issue could be fixed.
  6. Wilson212

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    They are already fixed... and have been for years
  7. Churrasco

    Churrasco New Member

    It hasn't been fixed in any of the official patches.
  8. unknown

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  9. BigObserver

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    Hi guys, I find has done a good work. You can play online Battlefield again. But I personally think it's not good, that is released from my PC the hosts file by the client. It is dangerous for Windows. MrNiceGuy you do not have the ability to program a redirect? The same as before but then could also work on the hosts.ics?

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