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    Hello again.

    I am still working with your latest stats. and seem to have a problem with the rank showing ingame.

    BFHQ has all the rank working. ASP is working and saving data. Hosts are working. I can ping gamespy and it redirects to my LAN computer with server and stats running.

    I have a dns name setup for external connections to server and all ports are forwarded. And all those logins to game work as expected.

    I connect via LAN ip

    Everything seem to be working great, Im just having trouble with ingame rank from a LAN client
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    This seems to be an issue with loading the player stats from the backend when a player joins into the game for the first time (communication error from the BF2 server and the ASP backend). It is known that this will occur sometimes when a player joins the server at the exact moment that the game status changes (ex: pre-game to playing). Is this occurring all the time? For some players or all players?
  3. kjhedges

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    This seems to be just LAN connected players.

    If I create a new account through BF2 and play with that account it will promote until the point of leaving server. If I rejoin server before map change is obviously keep stats and continues.
    If I leave server and go back after map change or some hours later. I login and BFHQ has the correct rank and information. But upon entering the server the rank is reset and I promote again.
    I then go to ASP and check the info and the points to rank ratio dont match up obviously.

    This occurs both when I connect via LAN ip address or via the DNS name which obviously routes through WAN ip

    The server computer OS is Windows 7
    The client computer OS is Windows 10

    On a side note. is there a conflict with the country coding. When I register account it goes UK. In ASP if i edit country to UK it goes GB

    It would appear that I still had a custom exe file for server which had its own custom domain name in there. Of which is now defunct, so I registered the domain name, kept the custom exe and rank work ingame fully now.
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