Question about fake connections (Idle Bots)

Discussion in 'BF2 Server Administration' started by Matiagricola97, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. Matiagricola97

    Matiagricola97 New Member

    Hello friends, I would like to know how to install fake connections to my BF2 server for to quickly start the game.
    Here I leave an image as an example
  2. lyujiangyu

    lyujiangyu New Member

    Me too! I am still looking for it ! I have done lots of researches, the only viable (used to be) option was to use bf2fp which designed by aluigi. But this tool was created a decades ago which is absolutely USELESS now. Anyone has an alternative?
  3. Matiagricola97

    Matiagricola97 New Member

    As far as I investigate it is hard to find software
  4. unknown

    unknown Member

    This is not Luigi "bf2fp" program. This program is private and no one give you for free.

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