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posible to get unlocks on offline account?

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by Skak, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Skak

    Skak New Member

    I thougt about something, is it posible to get unlocks on a offline account? I can get awards, ribbon, and so on.. But is it posible to get unlocks? and i that case, how can i get it? i have account with 10000 points, so i should have 5 unlocks now, but can i get them?
  2. MasterMito

    MasterMito New Member

    Good Morning,
    I have a similar Problem.
    I have isntalled the Scripts, confiure it and start the Server.

    The Client use the launcher and if the Client use "Auto-Connect to Server" all working fine. If the client didn't activate this checkbox, the Server can't be seen. I use the Offline Account.

    How can I use the Online Account (if it works), have i run the Server as a Inernet Server or a LAN Server? How can I get Unlocks with Offline-Accounts. Ranks, Badges, Ribbons and Medals working. But i get no Unlocks and i can't use the BFHQ.

    Need help fast, the Server goes on LAN at Friday morning.


  3. Skak

    Skak New Member

    I don't think that helped me so much..
  4. Skak

    Skak New Member

    I still need some help..
  5. frankking

    frankking New Member

    If you have a dedicated server, and your using bf2statistics, why cant you just unlock all of the weapons in the web interface? You can make COOP online games and play them just like conquest online games.

    I have a private server that my stats system pulls from and I just enabled all unlocks in the setup of BF2S. It works great. Of course I use TreeWalk DNS to fool BF2 into looking at my server instead of gamespy. All unlocks, awards, ranks, etc.

    Even if you ran the entire thing locally, you would be able to play by yourself and get unlocks, awards, etc. by using the map selector in BF2CC and adding the COOP maps to your server, then joining up.
  6. spidypiet(NL)

    spidypiet(NL) New Member

    so you do all this with your offline account or not because that was the question
    i think he knows how to setup the stats systeem he has it already working
    but dosnt get to play with unlocks with his offline account
  7. frankking

    frankking New Member

    No, I understood what he was saying, my point was that playing with the offline account is the same as playing "Single Player" technically. So if everything, unlocks, awards, etc. work with the online account and stats system, why not get around it by setting it all up that way.

    also, if your DNS is using your stats system as the bf2web.gamespy.com, and you have unlocked the weapons on multiplayer... wouldn't it be unlocked on the offline account as well? I will have to check this out and do a little work on it. Because you actaully use the BFHQ screen to unlock the weapons when you earn them.

    If this does work, all you would have to do is get into the BF2S database once you have it setup and working (with proper DNS and everything) and in the MySQL database, give yourself 14 unlocks. Then when you login, it will prompt you to choose your unlocks. Of course you will have to go through all 14 of them (Weapons).
  8. redilS

    redilS Member

    It's technically not possible to get unlocks while using an offline account. period.

    By "logging in" using an offline account...

    1. ... this "account" won't have a ProfileID assigned which is essential for beeing able to retrieve stats from the database.
    2. ... BF2 won't execute the according functions for beeing able to retrieve stats at all. Note: stats are generated on serverside! clients are only requesting those stats

    Sorry mate, but it won't be possible w/o "hacking" the executeable - maybe it's not even possible at all.
  9. Skak

    Skak New Member

    I can do it with hacks, but i can't do it without it.. Hmm.. Thats weird.. that time the demo went out, then i could hack, so i could get the unlocks, but after the updated the game. I found out it was impossible to do it.. Or are i'm wrong? I don't know how to use the MySQL, and i don't know what the Bf2web.gamespy.com ist.. and what is BFHQ?
  10. redilS

    redilS Member

    Playing the demo you had do modify a python script on clientside to enable all unlocks. This method got blocked by EA (for whatever reason) by moving this files contents into the executeable (bf2.exe) and reading the from there instead

    -> bf2web.gamespy.com
    This is the default domain-name where BF2 requests your statistics from, in case you're using an online account.

    In order for beeing able to use bf2statistics as the source for those stats, one has to redirect this domain-name to another servers ip address (in most cases your own bf2statistics server). From then on, BF2 will request your stats from YOUR server instead of querying EAs official server.
  11. Skak

    Skak New Member

    But you don't think is possible to get unlocks with a offline account? I can get all other things but not unlocks.. I don't think the problem is, that i can't play with the unlocks, the problem is, that i can't those to get a unlock..
  12. redilS

    redilS Member

    Sorry mate, but I don't understand that part. Did you mean 'choose'?
  13. Skak

    Skak New Member

    yes, my bad..
  14. winner631

    winner631 New Member

    I've got a server running now and i got so far that i can see the statistics on the web server(xamp) and every one is getting promotions and bagdges and all the other stuff.
    but, here my problem, no one can get in there bfhq. so they cant select there unlocks and see there stats.
    i'm using an offline accout. when i use a online account the server crashes as soon as i try to connect.

    the server is used for a lan party, not everyone had a legal bf2 so they cant make a online account.

    **ADMIN EDIT**

    thnx in advandce
  15. redilS

    redilS Member

    Offline accounts are NOT supported! Did you even read this thread? (I really wonder how often I'll have to tell this...)

    And: If you or anyone else wants to play BF2 buy it!