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[poll] Webbased Unlock System

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by Groda_Lotsapot, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Groda_Lotsapot

    Groda_Lotsapot New Member

    I know that people have asked about being able to select unlocks from the WebBased stats viewer, and the big problem is how to allow that without other people being able select your unlocks for you.

    I got an idea :) and I'm currently working on it.

    My idea is to create a ModManager script that will, when a user types something like the following in the ingame chat:
    [blockquote]!GetUnlockPassword email @ email.com[/blockquote]
    it will take their PID (as it's in game at that point) and send them and email with a unique generated password. Once this is done, I'll use that allow the person to login and select their unlocks.

    The reasoning behind this is I have several people who join into my server, but hate having to always setup a HOST.ics entry for my server every time (poor me with a dynamic IP)

    Just wondering if anybody was interested in this idea as well. I may need a little help as my l33t PHP skills are.... not so l33t, but I'm learning
  2. R4Z0R49

    R4Z0R49 New Member

    sounds like an idea might be just as quick to write a login unit for the main website
  3. R4Z0R49

    R4Z0R49 New Member

    or even better mod the stats into e107 CMS