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PLEASE MOVE TO TECH SUPPORT/ Stats are not showing up in BFHQ / Unlocks are not working

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by BuNdY_699, May 17, 2010.

  1. BuNdY_699

    BuNdY_699 New Member

    I know this has probably been asked before but please bare with me .. what do I have to do to get my stats to show up, and my unlocks to work? I just bought the game and I am pretty ticked off at this problem.. I've been playing for a little while, (3-4 hours) daily, I have had Multiple medals awarded and clocked some major time in multiple vehicles but still no stat update in my BFHQ , or unlocks availible. now before anyone asks, yes I stayed in game until round (s) were over, but yet still nothing.. anyone with input feel free to chime in! all help is appreciated.


  2. Thinner

    Thinner New Member

    Hi and welcome,

    you need to add a DNS-redirect to get BFHQ working with bf2statistics.

    Add a line to \system32\drivers\etc\hosts.ics:

    your_webserver_IP bf2web.gamespy.com

    e.g. if your webserver is running at IP then add: bf2web.gamespy.com

    Do a ping on client to bf2web.gamespy.com, it should return the entered IP.

    Make sure DNS-Client service is running.