Playing singleplayer but ranked with saving stats?

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by Paras, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. Paras

    Paras New Member

    Hello there,

    I know... it's 2020 and most probable I wont get any reply but I give it a shot anyways.

    Thing is I like playing BF2 AIX2 in singleplayer against bots and after I had alot of problems with probably old version of BF2SPCC and Battlefield 2 like settings I've set didn't work and alot more I de- and reinstalled the hole game and mods and this time I've also downloaded and installed this mod here at its last version (I think 1.2.5). Well... it's quite a huge difference for what I've had in use before and this time I not even need to delete the LastUsed file every time I'd like to start the game with the mods and as it seems it even seems to support a ranking system I'd tried to find a way to realize for a long time in vain.

    But well... unfortunately this mod is a bit... well... hard for me to understand or better said to know how to handle right. I also have the feeling some things do not work as they're supposed to or bite with game settings.

    Alot of features I do not fully understand.

    For example I've ignored all the battlefield server stuff because I only want to play singleplayer without any other players. But on the other hand... I do it with seting up a LAN Server... so maybe I need it after all (?)

    I don't really get what's about this Gamespy emulator and ASP stuff and so on I not know what I really need to run or how to set up to make the things I want to have possible.

    I've enabled the server stats and this python but I don't know if I need anything else or if I do right...

    The last time I've tried I was able to rank up and stuff but the thing is... the ranks, medals and stuff does not safe so if I quit and play it again I have to start from zero again...

    Well I think I really need a hand here to make it work in the way I'd like to have it.

    What I'd like to have is like playing the game with bots only (around 60 - 80 of them with around 30% in my team and the 70% in the enemy team). About that I more or less know how to make it but well... sometimes the settings seem not to be accepted. Also I want a ranking system - leveling up, geting medals and badges and that the progress of that is saved so you can continue with what you've stoped the next time you play. And especially the last thing I was not able yet to insure.

    Hope for answers and thanks for any helpfull replys :)
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  2. marty6

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    Have you read my posting just below yours? It may help you.

  3. Paras

    Paras New Member

    actually I've seen that before making this post. I did not see anything what could help me with my case or at least I wasn't able to separate the usefull informations...

    As I said... I like to play against the AI only and not with other people.

    most important for me to know would be how to enable the ranking/ leveling up and earning medals and badges but also saving them after quiting to be able using the progress the next time you play.

    I've no ideas about all this options... and most of them seem to be for people playing online with/ against other people or similiar. And even stuff I see I need I don't know how to set up right to get what I want...

    I even used this guide in the download file but turned out to be not very helpfull for what I have in mind...
  4. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    This is basically how i play now. Against bots only.

    I have a bf2 server that with bf2stats3 runs a good game for ranking up with unlocks earned ect.

    Please post if you still require some help with what you are wanting
  5. Paras

    Paras New Member

    well yeah... I still have no idea how to set it up so that my progess gets saved...
    Just today I tried it out and it did not work once again... I rise in rank but now it is even worse than before when I had it that it at least safed the rank until I've quit the game. Now the progress is lost after I finish a match and start a new one...
  6. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    If I understand correctly, you chose not to install the ASP and login emulator correct? In order for your stats to be saved, you NEED a webserver and database installed (like wamp or xamp for example) in order for stats to be saved, with a proper ASP setup
  7. Paras

    Paras New Member

    I have everything in use (active) except of the Gamespy redirects because I have no idea how to set it up... but in general I just don't know how to set everything up right or how to adjust all the setting to make it work as I want it to... even for the settings I actually know I have to realize it does not work right and I just have no clue what's the matter - best example here is the numbers of bots and the teambalancing.
    I have the option with more than 48 bots active - it used to work but now it does not anymore and seems to just randomly addopt numbers but not the ones I've set, or it just stays with the 48 bots even that I've enabled to use more. So it just seems to ignore the settings...

    Similiar problem with the teambalance: autobalance is disabled everywhere (even when game starts it shows Autobalance 0). I've set the balancing to 30% against 70% but with this options I end up with or allmost an equal 50vs50 ... Once I had to adjust the bar to 90 to have something around 30/70 ... it is very... weird.
    I've realized that indeed settings I've set and saved were canceled or reset and maybe there is an option somewhere that bites with my settings or the settings in general ... or the settings just rewrite themself or fail to save.

    For example if I set Team 1: +20 and Team 2: +48 I get alot but not that. And allmost every time the result changes. Last time I had 48 Bots in both teams (96 in total - at least this time it did allow me to have more bots but I don't get why the teams were equal). When I than checked the settings again. I had to realize the bar for the balancing switched automaticaly to equal teams.
    The time before that I had with the same settings only 48 bots in total and 28 of them were in team 1 ... like wtf?

    Even worse it becomes with the integrated BF2 Server - whatever I do, it is ALLWAYS 50/50 so I usually set up the LAN-Server ingame! But whatever I do... In the end I maybe got some of the settings to work but Im not able to play with ranking and especially not saved progress...

    I really despair with it. On the one hand I just want it to work so bad because this gameplay is something I've wished for so long and Im just sick of multiplayer but on the other hand I fail to use this tool :(

    oh ... Im sorry... I just checked my main post and realized some things I did not mention right or miss completly. I also have to add that I try out or rather experiment around with alot of those settings and features (mainly without any idea of what Im even doing :confused:). But in the end Im not able to get a good overall result anyways :( ...
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