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Player 0

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by 1brian2, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. 1brian2

    1brian2 New Member

    According to my logfiles I am player 0. When I view my stats I am a sergeant but ingame I am only a private, I am unable to earn the vet badges as well. I am posting a section of one of the logs. Do I need to add myself to the pid text? Or should I have the gamemode set to coop instead of sp? Or do I just have it setup all wrong.

    Conquest gamemode initialized.
    Timer object destroyed (rc 0)
    Player Manager module initialized
    Creating new record for player profileId 78158902
    Will retrieve medals from GSI...
    roundMedals: {}
    Added player 0, 1Bri4n2 (78158902) to medal/rank checking
    Getting Stats...
    Requesting player STATS
    Requesting player AWARDS
    Unlock module: onPlayerConnect
    Requesting unlocks: Success
    Added player 0 to unlock checking
    Medal request failed for player 0 : Stats request failed for player 0 :
    Unlocks request failed for player 0 (1Bri4n2):
    STATS onChangeSquad 1Bri4n2 oldSqd=0 newSqd=1
    STATS onPlayerSpawn 1Bri4n2
    STATS ObjectStat: 1Bri4n2 Enter type=8 --- enterAt:341.716032345 score:0
    STATS onEnterVehicle: Enter vehicle=us_light_soldier type=8 Pos=-36.424,45.120,-55.216
    STATS onPlayerChangeWeapon 1Bri4n2
    STATS onPlayerChangeWeapon 1Bri4n2 newWeapon=usrif_m4 triggering --> player.stats.weapons[newWeaponType].exit(player)
    STATS ObjectStat: 1Bri4n2 Enter type=2 --- enterAt:341.716032345 score:0
    STATS onPickupKit 1Bri4n2 kit=US_Specops
    STATS onPickupKit 1Bri4n2 triggering --> player.stats.kits[kitType].enter(player)
    STATS ObjectStat: 1Bri4n2 Enter type=4 --- enterAt:341.716032345 score:0
    Resetting enterPctAt for player 1Bri4n2
    0 is in radius. v= us_light_soldier
  2. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    That sounds like a webserver not running, or blocked...

    Without a connection to the web server, it cannot store/read any data, so verify that it is up and running and that you have pointed the gameserver to the right ip adress.
  3. 1brian2

    1brian2 New Member

    The game server should be the physical address and the webserver should be localhost or, right???
  4. shadow42

    shadow42 Member

    The web server should be the IP or URL of your webserver. This is where you need to redirect bf2web.gamespy.com to... If in doubt use the IP address of each server.
    If everything is installed on the same server, then localhost (or will work, otherwise you need to change them to suit. In most cases you should use your internal IP addresses as both servers are typically behind a firewall.

    Does that make sense?
  5. 1brian2

    1brian2 New Member

    It does make a little sense to me, I will try this out when I get home from work. I will probably set everything to the localhost and see what happens. Other than this minor issue the stats system works really well.

    Well what ever I did it works properly now. When I wake up this afternoon and figure out what I did I will let you know.

  6. shadow42

    shadow42 Member

    LOL, good to see I'm not the only one with these strange little victories that I can't explain! ;)
  7. 1brian2

    1brian2 New Member

    When I sat down to play that afternoon I was back at square one, no rank or unlocks in the server. Remember the "invisible server" bug mentioned in antoher thread? I had about 13 servers running (I kept double clicking the vbs script each time it would open a new server) and the game was randomly connecting to whichever one it wanted to. I turned all of those off and rebooted the server. When it came back up I launched the server directly from the script and all was well again.
  8. shadow42

    shadow42 Member

    Err, yes I did find a fix for the invisible server... check this thread for info: http://bf2statistics.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?3118.40
  9. 1brian2

    1brian2 New Member

    That thread is what helped me solve it.