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phpnuke block available for download

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by rch7953, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. rch7953

    rch7953 New Member

    Just finished writing it. You have to have a working version of bf2statistics, and it assumes that you are using your default nuke database.

    You can preview it here: http://www.purebrutality.com

    and download it here (regisration required)


    -Bandwidth/Bigdukesix webmaster@purebrutality.com
  2. ontestjimbo

    ontestjimbo New Member

    hello rch7953

    sorry but what is supose to do a "BF2 statistics phpnuke block" ?

  3. rch7953

    rch7953 New Member

    If you are running a phpnuke website, you can display the top 10 (or whatever #) of players on your website in a center block.
  4. ontestjimbo

    ontestjimbo New Member

    oh thanks for reply.
    Mistake so.. thinking "BF2 statistics phpnuke block" is another thing.

    Thanks anyway :)
  5. Bruce_Lee

    Bruce_Lee New Member

    Is it possible to have a block with an external database stored on an other website ?

  6. rch7953

    rch7953 New Member

    The block is setup to be run on the website, and using the same default database as the nuke site. re: username_nuke, or whatever database your nuke website uses.

    Anytime I tried to override it to another database with @mysql_select_db it would cause problems with the nuke site.

    If you have bf2statistics installed on a nuke site, shouldn't be a problem, you can always copy the .sql files from the other database into your core nuke database.
  7. rch7953

    rch7953 New Member

    Just released another version of the block.

    This one has kills, deaths, rounds, wins and win %.

    The time and other values have all been formatted.