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no rank during the game!!

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by dajette, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. dajette

    dajette New Member

    we have a stats server 1.4.2, evrything working well. we see the score and the rank on the server but not in the game. Somebody can help? something to do with the client machine?? thanks
  2. lumo

    lumo New Member

    redirecting client to you server using the vba scripts?
  3. dajette

    dajette New Member

    evrything working well on the server!! we see the score and the rank of each player... but not during the game! The client send the data to the server, but the server didn't return the info about each player. In the database on the server, every player have the same IP...is this normal?

    sorry for me english, i'm french canadian!!
  4. lumo

    lumo New Member

    normal for all bots, not normal for all other players ;)
  5. dajette

    dajette New Member

    I know! The problem is for the real player...i had put my server adress in the vb scripts without any good result. When i ping BF2web.gamespy.com my private stats server reply...so i don't no what to do now!!!

    The only problem that i found is that all my friend and me have the same ip adress in the database, so i think that the server is not able to make the differance between each player. But every body have a different pid... the score and the rank are ok on my web server!!!???
  6. lumo

    lumo New Member

    the ip is not important, as you can even play online with same ip address, thats what your pid and nick is for (nick is not used to identify you)
    can you access the asp stuff on your serveR?
  7. dajette

    dajette New Member

    yes, whe i log on my asp, i see every one in my database : the score, the rank level, the pid etc...
  8. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    You have redirected the game server hosts to point to your web server right? In the same way you redirect clients...
    A way to tell if it isnt redirected properly, is if you dont get any rank promotion ingame, and get medals, badges etc over and over again.
    Stats will be stored into the db even if it isnt redirected to retrieve the info.
    Hope this helps.

  9. dajette

    dajette New Member

    in the vb script i have redirect the client to my server...when i ping gamespy my server adress reply. I have change manualy my host on my client machine to make sure they redirect to the good place. Is there another place to put my server adress on the client?? I'm sure that the problem came from the client, they can't retrieve the score in the db of the server.
  10. beambash

    beambash New Member

    1 : There is a simpler way to redirect your client / server host to the webserver (ASP / MYSQL DB) Files = It is using Windows Vista, just add a line to the hosts file stating the redirect then save it, go into propeties and edit security settings, Dont allow yourself (Local Machine / whatever ur pc is called) to access the file, nor read it, and that works perfectly.

    2 : The reason everything shows up in the DB (ASP Admin Area) and on the BF2Statistics Web Beta - And not ingame for players, is a number of reasons :

    A ) Your Dedicated Server doesnt have the right Settings for the config files, (ASP locations etc)
    B ) Your Dedicated Server host isn't forwarding to the Webserver (MYSQL DB) IP address.
    C ) People using the client with the redirect may not be redirection properly
    D ) Someone isn't using their common sence !scary

    There is also the fact that :

    A) Ports arnt open and are not allowing the Dedicated Server to communicate with your MYSQL / WebServer

    Make sure you check all config files and ports / ip's / redirects twice, and if you spot something wrong in one that could be the problem causing you not to see ranks / unlocks ingame.