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Need help.. ^^;

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by Seraphiel, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Seraphiel

    Seraphiel New Member


    Been trying to install and get the whole stats thing working, but that message pops up when I try to start the server.. had the same error before too, just diffrent line, 74 if I remember right.. since reinstalling it all didn't seem to fix it I'm now asking for help.. so.. uh.. help please? =]
  2. voodoo73

    voodoo73 New Member

    i think this is line 76

    objShell.Run "SetACL.exe -on ""%SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\HOSTS""  -ot file -actn clear -clr dacl", 0, True
    is setacl.exe ware is should be??

    7. Redirect "BF2web.gamespy.com" to resolve to your web server's IP address:

    - Windows Servers, use the "/Utils/BF2PrivateStats.vbs" script file contained within this archive.
    a. Copy "/Utils/BF2PrivateStats.vbs" & "/Utils/SetACL.exe" to ""
    b. Using a text editor, edit the "strLookupAddr" value to match your web server. This can be set to a valid DNS host name or and IP Address. Also, change "strBF2exe" to match the file used to launch your server (ie, bf2_w32ded.exe)
    c. Use this script to start your BF2 server. All command-line paramters are passed directly to BF2.

    - For Linux servers, you will have use a DNS redirect spoof (all Linux admins know how to do this right?)

    hope it helps

  3. Seraphiel

    Seraphiel New Member

    Actully that's line 73 (atleast according to notepad++)

    Line 76 would be as follows.

    Set objTS = objFS.OpenTextFile(strHostsFile ,FOR_READING)

    Thanks for helping though, I'll keep trying ^^.

    EDIT : And yes, the SetACL.exe is in the right direction as far as I know of .
  4. Pheps

    Pheps Member

    The host file are writeprotected just make it writeable and it will work!
  5. musikmann

    musikmann New Member

    As embarassing as it is...i got that error when I didn't have the SetACL.exe file in the Battlefield 2 Server folder...
  6. musikmann

    musikmann New Member

    Oh, and make sure you have access to the file under NTFS permissions
  7. musikmann

    musikmann New Member

    Last one ... make sure that SetACL.exe is in C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2 or what ever is right for you: the same folder that bf2.exe and bf2stats.vbs are in
  8. Seraphiel

    Seraphiel New Member

  9. musikmann

    musikmann New Member

    To beat a dead horse...If u are running under a normal user, and using that users credentials, you still may not have any privileges other than read to that file. The user (ie administrator) needs full control of the file or the script (really the SetACL.exe prog) will fail.
  10. Seraphiel

    Seraphiel New Member

    Solved it I believe, thanks for the help ^^.