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    GHOSTMD New Member

    Greetings folks,

    nice to see BF2Stats is still alive, i love your great work. But now i stuck with some problems.

    I upgraded my private ranking system last week from 1.5.1 to 2.2.0, was quitetrouble some because the normal upgrade failed.
    So i installed the dedicated Server and BF2Statistics 2.2.0 complete new.

    All seems to work now with vanilla BF2... stats are received in Database and player is written/shown in BFHQ like before.
    (Kit unlocks and promotions untestet yet but i think that should work to because all manual test passed without errors)

    Now to my problems, with the new tools the +modPath param is obsolete.
    So one mod i use still works Point of Existance 2, but the stats system don't work... or better the stats don' t get send into the database.
    The armys or the pictures also don't show up, only text thats says Kit_XY or faction_XY and so on (the same for all infos in BFHQ.
    So what must be done to get the STATS of PoE2 get shown in BFHQ? its the latest aviable version of PoE2. 2.5 and 2.5.1 for the server.

    I also used BF2all64 mod before, unfortunatly this mod isn' t supported by the controltools. How do i get this Mod shown in
    the Clientlauncher and the Serverlauncher Tools? This is what i need to know. If those issues are already posted i appologize for asking it again.
    But after 2 days of searching, without finding a proper answer i just ask the Team :D

    Hm... some corrections, its seems the snapshoots from PoE2 are sent to the Database, ive checked it.
    PoE2 Ranks and Medals are missing so as the kits, like said only text in BFHQ shows up. Does PoE2 support private Ranking? Guess i missed that.

    How does the BF2StatisticsServerlauncher recognize the Mods? Like Vanilla BF2 or PoE2? Still want to add the BF2all64 Mod there.
    Same Question for the Clientlauncher, how i get the Mod in the dropdown menue?

    So long
  2. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    I dont think BF2S is compatible with POE2 since 2006.... When i took over development, ive never used, or will ever use POE2, i know nothing of it so unfortunately it prolly wont ever work :(

    GHOSTMD New Member

    Thx for the fast answer Wilson

    Damn... its a shame about it... PoE2 is really a nice mod :( but thank you for the information. I ll no longer mess with PoE2 and BF2S.

    But what is with my second question? How i get the Serverlauncher to recognize the BF2all64 mod? Its nothing special, just added COOP/ Bot
    Support to some 32/64 player maps. All other things are BF2 Vanilla. The Mod folder contains also a Mod.desc. So how i get this Mod in the
    Dropdownmenue? For the Client is seems enough to put in the +modPath parameter... but the Serverlauncher don 't have that option.

    I run the launchers on seperate Machines over LAN connection (as test for a ranked LAN Server) without the Controlcenter.

    So long
  4. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Well the server launcher requires a dedicated server. THis dedicated server must have the mod files installed. After that, it should automatically load the mod just fine, as long as there is a Mod.desc, and has a levels folder like any mod should

    GHOSTMD New Member

  6. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Can you copy the contents of the mod.desc here ? I think the problem may be a missing tag element

    GHOSTMD New Member

    Yes sure, here it is Wilson.

    Can't say what is missing here...
  8. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, i found the issue. In the Desc tag, do you see the "&" sign? You need to remove that, and save the file because its an invalid xml character.

    In a future update i will have to add a pop-up that alerts you of such errors rather then ignoring it as it does now.

    Can i also make a suggestion? Have you tried using the Control Center? Its a similar program i made after the Server Launcher that has many more features and updates then the Server launcher has ;) .. You can find it in the downloads section.

    GHOSTMD New Member

    Ah yeah i see, thank you for the help.

    Yes i tried ti use Control Center, it crashes with the following error message:
    Date: 08.10.2013 16:34:42
    Exception: The type initializer for 'BF2Statistics.HostsFile' threw an exception.
    Target Method: Void DoHOSTSCheck()
    at BF2Statistics.MainForm.DoHOSTSCheck()
    at BF2Statistics.MainForm..ctor()
    at BF2Statistics.Program.Main()
    The error comes up after saving the path for the Server (no Client Path because on the Server Machine is no Client installed)
    But i ll remove the invalid sign and the Mod should appear on the Dropdown menue :D i think :D

    So long
  10. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Try installing this version, i made a few changes in hopes that it will work correctly now :p

    GHOSTMD New Member

    Yeah thx Wilson i ll test this Version as soon as i have reached my Goals with the BF2S System and the Mod.

    Already copied over the original BF2 Mod.desc and changed the Title has triggered the dropdownmenue :D but now you said WHAT is wrong,
    i ll just change the Mod.desc that comes with the Mod :D

    Controlcenter is nice, but now that all is setup and seems working there is no "need" to get more comfortable :D you know :D
    FIrst i try to make some changes to the mod (get the EU more Maps, changing wpns and vehilcle spawns) ... then i ll test again with the center.

    Thx again for your fast help.
  12. regin01

    regin01 New Member

    Hi i'm having a problem with playing a Lan conquer/Coop match with my brother.
    Were both running Windows 7- BF2(1.41)- AIX2.0- BF2Statistics ControlCenter 1.6.3(which works fine in singleplayer).

    The issue that i'm having is when i/he make a coop/conq multiplayer map one of us can be in-game and the other will get disconnected and vise versa, we both own copies of the game(just encase i downloaded several other keys) and we have 1-1 copies with no variation.
    The lan multiplayer works fine using BF2SPCC with no disconnection and ranking and stats work, although i prefer bf2 ControlCenter with offline BFHQ with on/offline profiles.

    just for more info i have uninstalled-reinstalled several times due to a CTD with vanilla/Mods/lan/ect, it is all working with singleplayer with no crashing.
    I hope anyone here has experience with this issue and has an idea on how to fix it, unfortunately i live in the bush and use satellite internet(dreadful ping) so i can't play the newest games because they all require internet to play (I miss lan games)

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