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medals.py (nylOn's hope) :)

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by ontestjimbo, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. ontestjimbo

    ontestjimbo New Member

    Hi nylOn hi all

    After many try, i have notice something; i dont know if it help but...

    On the server ill use your revised code and your news medals.py (no fixed snapshot)
    (client ill use bf2statistics OR original python files seem have no difference)
    So with this setup, i earn medal, rank, show rank..and have CTD "sometimes"

    Comparate to your first release medals.py; with this i have CDT EACH time i earn medals

    May be solution is in medals.py ? ? ??

    Another question:
    How i can do for add custom medal/badge/rubans in game ? It just for fun....
    Ill try to add one in medal_data.py. I have message a message when i play like "unkown medal"
    (when condition is obtain) ???
    Probably have other thing to do..but witch... ? Or medals are hard coded in exe ?

    Thanks, you really realize great work :)
  2. ontestjimbo

    ontestjimbo New Member

    lol no hope it seem
    gud luck
  3. sharok

    sharok Member

    Same problem for me. As soon as any player gets a medal, he CTDs.
    Well, make that when he gets a medal, then gets a kill.As soon as the player gets his next kill, it's time for CTD.

    Really annoying because you have to log back into EA Games stupid servers and that takes forever.

    Could someone please look into this ?
  4. sharok

    sharok Member

    I think I have found a solution.

    In the medals-data,py, there is a whole section for Special Forces (the XPack1 section).

    I deleted that part, since I do not have Special Forces installed at this time, and subsequent testing appears to indicate that the CTDs are gone.

    I suggest you try it. It worked for me.
  5. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    I agree to that..

    Tested the exact same thing a couple of days ago and didn't have any CTD during the hours I played.
  6. sharok

    sharok Member

    I'm not going to let this thread die out.
    Is there any developer who can look into this ?
  7. sharok

    sharok Member

    So ? Anybody looking at this ?