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little bug: player ranks

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by zExz, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. zExz

    zExz New Member

    player ranks somtimes disappearing and the player gets private, but after some shooting ingame he gets a promotion
    why it may happen ?
  2. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    Hmm... Impossible to say, without knowing how your setup is, or what map/mod you are running.
  3. CrazyMann

    CrazyMann New Member

    MrNiceGuy his play BF2...
    Replpy to : zexz in Ru :)
    zexz eto u tebia na server tak no na maiom brode netu takogo hotea ea ne znaiu mojet ea ne testil kak u tebia ... mojet eto iza togo shto o4ki teraiutsa ili mojet u tebia shtota ne to s web`om po krainei mere u menia seo norma ...
  4. zExz

    zExz New Member

    same stuff here, even in top 25 you can see:
  5. MaTT

    MaTT New Member

    i have this problem to.
    see stats HERE
  6. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    We have had this issue too, and that is just in the beginning of stats.
    As far as i know, when playing on a EA server, it can take up to 24 hours before you get a promotion.
    And in our case, it can be some misconfigurations etc.
    no contact with backend during map change.
    But once you have got your 1'st or 2'nd promotion,
    it will work.
  7. MaTT

    MaTT New Member

    some little new problem
    Combat score very BIG !!!!
    Total score less when Combat!!!

    i think what CombatScore is Total * 2
    ALL copyes of installed WEB stats has this trouble

  8. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

  9. zExz

    zExz New Member

    to fix problem with Combat score - open ASP/getplayerinfo.aspx, find:
    [blockquote]($row['score'] * 2) . "\t" .[/blockquote]
    replace with:
    [blockquote]($row['skillscore']) . "\t" .[/blockquote]
  10. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    OMG!! Why didnt i think of that? lol

    I'll will update the getplayerinfo right away...


    BTW! Replace it with this: [blockquote]$row['skillscore'] . "\t" .[/blockquote]

    You dont need the () ...

    And thanks for the fix.