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How to get General Rank

Discussion in 'Battlefield 2 Discussion' started by Unique, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Unique

    Unique New Member


    i edited the medal_data.py to immediately get the general rank. I have 3 stars. In the round the rank appears, in the score list it shows i have 4 stars, but at end of the round, when i disconnect, i have only 3. How can i get 4 stars, i dont want to wait.
  2. Unique

    Unique New Member

    Install bf2statistics 1.5.1

    On database click Manage Players and select any rank you want
  3. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry for the late reply, but general rank is earned by the highest scoring Lieutenant General every X (special tenure) days. this feature is enabled and disabled in the web ASP config, and the processing is done every time a snapshot is posted to the web ASP back end.