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Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by marty6, Sep 6, 2020.

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    Don't know if anyone play bf2 anymore, but I'm trying to get back into it. I have the following:

    1. main rig - Bf2 client
    2. Laptop - for the server - yes, it will handle stuff.

    So, over the past 1 1/2 weeks i've tried the old bf2statistics. I've tried the control center. Tried the gamespy emulator. I've had a lot of failure on this.

    Has anyone have any success getting the bf2 client to have unlocks and stats in the bfhq of the game? If so, what is your setup?

    I'm trying not to run the client and server on the same machine. Any help appreciated.

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    Well, I'm 99% there. I have one issue. Client crashing to desktop.

    Client machine - running BF2 Statistics Client Launcher. BF2webGamespycom redirect is pointing to server (laptop). Gamespy login server redirect point to server (laptop)

    Server machine - running BF2 server, bf2statistcs server launcher, xampp, bf2 statistics gamspy login emulator, master server.
    bf2 game server is set for internet 1.

    I have bfhq w/unlocks. After logging in I can get to the server in multiplayer. Dedicated server shows the unlocks. When I join the server my client crashes to the desktop.

    Any ideas?


    Update: My local stats provider is "authorized", but my server is not. How do I authorize my gaming server?
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    Anyone got any ideas on why the client drops to the desktop and cannot connect to the dedicated server?
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    Drops to desktop during login? I think something wrong with your client redirection.
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    Thank you for responding. Yes, it had been the client. Not the redirect. I had reinstalled the game. Once that was done. I reinstalled the server on the laptop. Then applied the redirects. I was able to login in as an 'online' player. Well, to make it short, I got banned on my dedicated server. Ouch! I think I had punkbuster on. I checked the server and used the following commands to get unbanned but nothing works:

    Needless to say, I'm still banned. Created another character in by using the 'Battlefield statistics Gamespy Login Emulator'. I was able to login into the game again, but when I got to login to the server, got kicked out due to excessive teamkills.
    Any ideas?
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    I think I've narrowed it down to the VerifyPlayer.py file. If I rename the file, I can join my own server now after getting kicked. So, where does the file get its info from? The ASP? Where is the data written about a 'kicked' player / 'punished' player? Is it in the sql database? Can someone through me a bone on this?
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    Ok, got everything to work!

    Again, sorry for long postings. The forum kept stating that I have embedded URLS.

    Client - Fresh install of BF2 plus xpack (special forces) apply patches 1.41 and 1.50. Don't change the install path. You can change the drive (ie C:, D:, etc... but try not to change the program files (x86)\EA Games\battlefield 2\
    Client - Add in the BF2 main game directory (BF2statisticsClientLauncher). You will have another file called Bf2statisticsClientLauncher.exe.config. You will run the launcher. You will have to point both the 'Redirect Stats Server' and the 'Redirect Login Servers' to the IP address of the Stats Server and Gamespy login server. Make sure you have all the ports opened that is required of BF2 on both the client and server.

    Important note: When you run BF2 the first time, go to community, custom, and select your mod and activate it. I found out on my setup that I had to in order for this to work...odd.

    Server (i'm using a laptop)
    Server - Fresh install of the battlefield 2 server files (1.5). This will install the bf2 mods (bf2 and xpack(special forces). Remember, the 1.5 already adds the collector's edition to the files.
    Server- install the Battlefield 2 statistics control center v2.3.5 and run it as administrator.
    Game server - you'll need to set your serversetting.con file on your own :)
    Now for the fun part:
    Open up the control center ... you'll have 6 tabs at the top(Launcher, BF2 Server Settings, Gamespy Emulator, ASP Stats Server, Gamespy Redirects, and last the About tab)
    1. Open the About tab
    2. Click 'check for updates - won't be any :(
    3. Skip the 'Open Program Folder'
    4. Click 'Open Program Settings'
    5. If you are NOT running the client on the same machine as the server, skip the Battlefield 2 client path (optional). Go to the Battlefield 2 Dedicated server path and put in your path to the server. Mine is D:\Program Files(x86)\EA Games\Battlefield 2 Server. That's it. Also I checked the box below to Enable Program Update Check on Startup. Doubt if this is ever going to get updated.
    6. When you click on 'save' a pop up box will appear and ask you setup the database now. I selected No. I'll do that later
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    7. Go to the Gamespy redirect tab. You will put the same ip in for the stats/gamespy master and login server, which for me is my laptop's ip address on the lan. Select the 'next' button. For the redirect type option, use the Hosts.ICS. Select 'next'. Should be all green check marks. Then it verifies the DNS cache setting. Should show the ip of the server machine. (all gree check marks). Select 'next' and then 'finish'.
    8. Go to the ASP stats server tab. You can edit the ASP setting. If you have started your dedicated server for testing purposes, the server IP will show up in the Authorized Gameserver under Global settings. You can select your choices at the ASP settings. Select save. Under edit the databaase settings. This is where I left it to MSqlite to do its job. (this is the game database called 'bf2stats'. Under this tab it will setup the database for keeping your game stats. Make sure you let the program do its thing. If you try to do this in XAMPP you are on your own. I let the Control center do this.
    9. Go to the GameSpy emulator tab. This will be fun. What I did was setup Xampp and added the gamespy database in PHPMYADMIN. I left it empty. Left the port to 3306. Gave it a user and password. When you run the control center, start up xampp first and make sure you only run the MYSQL service running. It will give a pid and port number when you press the start button. Don't forget to run xampp before you run the control center every time. When you edit the database for the Gamespy emulator. Put in MySQL, local host, port 3306, database user/PW (user/PW you setup in the database Gamespy in Xampp). Test your connection and then 'next'. It will setup your tables for the database. This is where you and your friends and/or players from the internet will store their created Soldiers, passwords, and email addresses.
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    10. Go to the BF2 server settings. I personally went to the serversettings.con file in the bf2 mod and set that up. I chose 'show server console and force load ai bots. On the right side you will need to install the ranked python files. You can edit the bf2statistics config file. Leave the ASP backend address as is. I set the server to 'ranked', debugging 'enabled', snapshot logging 'enabled', snapshop prefix to 'svr1', medal date to 'default'. Xpack medal mods - left this alone for now.
    Clan manager - disabled for now. Central database - disable b/c it doesn't exist anymore :(
    11. Last part - I'm presuming that you have xampp running, the gamespy redirects active, and server stats enabled. You should see two green check marks on the right side (Gamespy redirects active and Server stats enabled). Now, select the 'start ASP server' and then 2nd 'start Gamespy server'. You'll have two more green check marks (ASP server running and the Gamespy emulator running). Finally, start the 'launch server'. I selected the my favorite to experiment with 'strike at Karkand'. I selected gpm_cq 16. Later on you can change your mods out. I would make sure that each map loaded correctly if I were you. Nothing like running a server and the map didn't work. Usually, you or someone else will mod the game files in the Client, forget about the server, and the client will CTD.
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    12. Client machine. Run the bf2statisticsclientlauncher exe file as administrator. You'll be presented with 2 choices, single player and multiplayer. Choose multiplayer. Add your Soldiers name, your email addy, and password twice. Then select the 'create' button. If everything is working on both machines and 'ALL' your game/server/gamespy ports are forwarded (I can't help you there), then you'll create your character in the gamespy database on the server machine. You can go to the 'gamespy emulator' tab in the control center on your server and see your soldier's PID and Name show up there.
    13. Go to the multiplayer tab, choose the 'local' button. You may have to hit the refresh button. Your server should show up. Select it, login into the game. Go to your server machine and look at the game console just to make sure you're in. You should be.
    14. Play a few rounds. At the end of each round your snapshots will start being saved. You can go to the control panel on the server and go to the ASP stats server tab and select 'view snapshots'.
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    On my game server I chose to 'earn' unlocks. When I played last night, I found that I could select the unlock within the BFHQ. However, I couldn't choose the unlock. Didn't work. I found out that I had my outside IP in the 'master/login server's ip' as well as the 'stats server' in #7 above. Ouch. Once I edited and used the server's LAN ip, the unlocks in the game worked. I already had awards and ranks working, but no the unlocks.

    Hopefully, this helps somebody that needs a little help getting this going. I don't claim to be the 'know it all' on this. This settup is what I have, so I can't really help you on yours.

    Right now I'm stuck on getting a friend of mine to join from his location. Apparently, either his ports aren't opened or mine are not on the router. Mine are :) hehe. But doesn't mean anything at this point. I do have my Gamespy Emulator Config set to my WAN address and my ports are opened in Win10 in the firewall as well as in the router. I'll post back later on this issue.

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    Update: My friend is able to connect to my lan server from the internet, gain stats, ranks, and awards. All is well now! Good hunting all!
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    Update: Still works. Note: If you are logged in as "administrator" in windows, not as a "user" who is an administrator, do not run the control center as administror. This can cause a problem when trying to view the leadership board.
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    Hope all is still working good for you

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