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help if possible setting up server

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by ontestjimbo, May 27, 2006.

  1. ontestjimbo

    ontestjimbo New Member

    Hello all
    First thing sorry for my english.... :?

    Ill try to stting up my server ( all on the same pc)
    ill use path 1.3 dedicated serveur and connect with BF2.exe with command line like this:
    "C:\jeux\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +joinServer xx.xx.xx.xx +playerName titi

    for bf2statistics i followed the guide:
    (using WAMPP 1.4.16) / control panel show SQL and apache is running

    ill play one round in BF2 (have medal ingame is ok)
    ill check log in directory /htdocs/ASP/logs is ok ( apear after one round)
    ill check into DB after this round AND DB is fulled by this log = OK

    My question is:
    When ill launch my browser (firefox) with this:
    nothin is showing up ? i have no stat ? the page is blank ?
    may i have a problem with apache conf ?

    thks for helping
  2. ontestjimbo

    ontestjimbo New Member

    hello again
    ill see another problem:
    when i have medal in one round, after ill begin another round ill have the same medal again...
    Like is there is no communication between DB and serveur BF2 ?

    Any clue ?
  3. robocop

    robocop New Member

    i guess its a problem with patch 1.3. they probably changed som things related with the communication between the game and the backend asp(php) files.

    i has been trying to setup 1.12 bf2 server a few months ago. but had not very much time so i stop that trys. but now, i am going to give a try to 1.3 at the moment. when i will be successful with the bf2statistics i will let you konw :)
  4. ontestjimbo

    ontestjimbo New Member

    thanks robocop. ill wait your post :)
    meanwhile i think a try again to find my prob (or probs with patch 1.3)
  5. managey

    managey New Member

    BF2Statistics works fine with patch 1.3 ! In my opinion, ontestjimbo, you made some mistakes in your configuration. At home, my server works with Wampp 1.4.16 and the stats are shown with my web browser....

  6. ontestjimbo

    ontestjimbo New Member

    hello ManaGeY hello all

    Actually all seem working in Coop mode with bots with dedicated server / all on the same box / and with stat web server. But i have again some probleme....

    ManaGeY when you say all is working ........
    This mean you have promote in game (coop game with bots)?
    This mean you see rank ingame (before name) ?

    Another question with wen stat server: When server is online, we must see stat increase in real time or not ?

    How we can verify that ?

  7. managey

    managey New Member

    Cool ! !shy

    Yes for all. Actually i have a co-op server online where gamers earne points, medals & ranks. Ranks are visible when you push Tab during the game.

    In real time ? No, stats are updated each end of round. You can follow evolution with your stats web server after the end of the game. But if your question is rank increases in real time ingame, it's true !

    My unique problem today is that in my stats, a bot user was automatically created and earne the totality of the bots points ! So it increases his stats very quickly. However is pid = 0 !

    I haven't the solution for the moment ! (maybe someone)

  8. ontestjimbo

    ontestjimbo New Member

    Hello again
    personnaly i have no pb with bots pts (?!)

    but i have another pb;
    all is working in coop with path 1.3 (dedicated server+web server) and client BF2 conneted on another PC ==> OK with param like this:
    /python/bf2/BF2StatisticsConfig.py with local adress like 192.168.x.x

    WHEN i want use internet adresse its not working !
    client BF2 crash (d:\dice bla bla error.cpp)

    Any clue ?