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help! i have a problem

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by oxtat, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. oxtat

    oxtat New Member

    i have already follow the step to start my server with Bf2statistics
    but , when my server is running ,it can follow that the config.php
    if i changed the value to 1
    i join my server,it will unlock all the guns
    but ,my ploblem is that why it cannot write anything to my mysql database server?

    it is my problem?
    thank you

    the attechment shows my config.php config !grr

    THE_WUQKED New Member

    next time, i would hide the passowrd ;)

    Anyway: under log-file information try:
    $logpath = './logs'; // log file path (NO TRAILING /)

    We had to use that to make it working, with $logpath = 'logs'; it did not work either.

    hope that helps you.
  3. oxtat

    oxtat New Member

    it will auto create a file when i fill it into "/logs"

    but the main problem also haven't solve

    you look at that two pictures

    i have started my server for 3 round of map,but it had not anything to add in my sql database



  4. oxtat

    oxtat New Member

    have anyone can tell me the answer?
  5. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    What i can tell form the images, you database is empty.
    Try to import the sql file with phpmyadmin.
  6. oxtat

    oxtat New Member

    my database is not emply,it have some tables
  7. oxtat

    oxtat New Member

    the attechment show the picture

  8. deceit

    deceit New Member

    did you get it sorted, or do you still need help?
  9. Umpa

    Umpa New Member

    I had a similar issue when I first got it setup on my server.

    The issue I had was that php wasn't properly configured to access mysql.

    you can check this with the phpinfo() function.
    If there isn't a mysql section shown, then something isn't right.
  10. oxtatduck2

    oxtatduck2 New Member

    now i upload my php conf to you.
    May you help me to check to info?
    but i think the problem not come up with php info
    the problem is my data can not rank the mysql server,the ./logs of my http server also emply.
    May you tell what Os are you running?
    I am running Windows Xp Pro,Is that only work on server windows?


    thanks you

    also May someone make a teach movie for me -.-" :O
  11. oxtatduck2

    oxtatduck2 New Member

    in my http file,what file config need to change?
    i know "config.php" need to change the dpuser and dbpass
    but some other else need to change?
  12. oxtatduck2

    oxtatduck2 New Member

    now i have another problem,my ./logs file have logs
    but why they don't input the data to database
  13. Umpa

    Umpa New Member

    I'm working on getting it setup on windows 2003 server. IIS, php, mysql

    create phpinfo.php
    Open this page with your browser. You should get quite a bit of stuff back. Among those will be a section for MYSQL. If MYSQL doesn't show anywhere in the output, the mysql extension hasn't been enabled in php.

    Once you get php showing the mysql section, try the following:
    create test.php

    This was just a test that I used to confirm that php could connect to the mysql server.

    I don't remember having to do anything else out of the ordinary to get it going.
  14. oxtatduck2

    oxtatduck2 New Member

    now,i don't know what thing i have changed.now it no log again when i start my bf2 server !scary
  15. oxtat

    oxtat New Member

    i am no logs now,who can help me,who can tell me that what file need to be change the ip?
    my ip is
  16. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    Set the ip in snapshot.py, and make shure you have the right login in ASP/config.php, and that the db you have created, have all permissions set.
  17. oxtatduck2

    oxtatduck2 New Member

  18. oxtatduck2

    oxtatduck2 New Member

  19. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    It looks okey i guess, besides that the ip u have in there is down, or blocked... And about the database files, i have no idea... Be shure to admin your db with phpmyadmin or something similar...