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Discussion in 'BF2 Server Administration' started by kaliqo, Sep 29, 2014.

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    This is just so that it may help others and hopefully gets found by those in need.

    Found a way after a lot of digging on how to create a redirect for bf2web / gpcm / gpsp on the cheap (free to be exact).

    For those with pfsense you can create the redirect from the pfsense router. This will help you as trying to change the hosts file in your machine with kick you from the game as the game will detect the redirect. Another way is the hosts.ics file to be created in the same etc folder. That is nice but having to do it to every machine is insane.

    I found this on another site and it was the only place I found it. I don't like making accounts everywhere so i'll relay it here.

    In pfsense goto >services>DNS Forwarder

    Go down to advanced and open it. Should be presented with a blank text box. Enter this:


    The x's of course are the rest of your bf2 servers ip address in your lan.

    For outside clients that connect to a dns service like Dyndns and have pfsense routers, just put the servers web address where the lan address would be.

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    Pfsense is a great tool and works nicely if you wish to not edit your windows hosts file. I would like to mention that the client launcher and the control center will both write to your hosts file and LOCK it so Battlefield2 cannot read it, and thus allows the hosts file edit to work nicely.

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