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DNS/hosts settings

Discussion in 'BF2 Server Administration' started by ichbinda, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. ichbinda

    ichbinda New Member

    Hi, i have some problems: I wrote a batch tool that should connect the client to my server. Primary DNS server in TCP/IP Protokoll is my server, secondary the router. The problem is, that sometimes when i ping to bf2web.gamespy.com I get the ip of the reall Gamespy server, not my server. When i only add the primary dns server and dont set any secondary dns server then i get the server ip i want.
    Because of this problem, im going to use the BF2PrivateStats.vbs to set entrys in hosts.ics -> advantage: when u close bf2, the entry is deleted.
    I made a Enemy Territory mod for BF2 with a ranked system based on bf2 statistics. It works quite well in LAN, but this mod is for internet.

    My question: Is there a possibility to compile the vbs to a exe? Other question: I have simple dns running and set the pc where it's running as primary dns server. And my router as secondary dns server. Why do i sometimes get the problem, that it is connecting to the real gamespy server, not to mine?

    Cheers Krauzi