Disable Cross Service Exploitation Prevention

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by exemaco, Oct 13, 2019.

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    how deactivated Cross Service Exploitation Prevention?
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    ? o_O
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    Hi exemaco, have you found a solution for this?
    I am also using BF2Statistics V3 beta 3 and having the same problem. Players who are logged in using the BF2HUB client can not join my servers.

    Edit: I found a python script called "VerifyPlayer" in the folder "BF2 Server Files/python/bf2".
    "This script is used to prevent Cross Service Exploitation between Gamespy Service Providers"

    I am not that familiar with python but i think you have to change something in here.

    # Is player OK?
    if (result == "NOK"): host.rcon_invoke('admin.kickPlayer ' + str(aPlayer.index))

    Changed this rule to "# if (result == "NOK"): host.rcon_invoke('admin.kickPlayer ' + str(aPlayer.index))" and i can now login using my BF2HUB account :)
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