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Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by LevAnni, May 26, 2019.

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    maybe it's a modmanager bug? I wonder if there's way to check if weapon unlock data is collecting somewhere? or it's calculating it based on weapon holding time? who knows... One thing in certain that I'm not sure how modmanager is related. It is just an additional admin script library, rught?
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    o by the way, I have filled up hosts.ics file at the server side also, but with 127...... remove them or fill it with
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    Changed IP to Domain in
    Changed to in server's hosts.ics file

    Errors gone... hmmm

    kj, when we launched bf long time ago, we were using a little script, I don't remember it was part of modmanager or not, but it was changing maps based on number of players. e.g. if number of players were near 32 then this script was running bigger map next. Did you heard about it? I can't find that anymore to download again.
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    you can edit these settings in the init file of the map.

    I will search for the info on this.
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