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Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by LevAnni, May 26, 2019.

  1. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member


    I have authorized first one, but can't do the same for second one, why is that?
  2. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    I have removed and left Will seee......
  3. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    In ASP, have you authorised your game server.

    Also, are you using custom maps at all
  4. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Sorry, was on page one of thread.

    I see that you have local server and your IP sever. Both being the same server really.

    I presume that Local Server details, show no games played. And your IP Server has the games that havent been authorised.

    1 Shadow-Ops CMD BF2 AIX Local Stats Provider 16567 29900 157 Authorized Yes
    2 Shadow-Ops CMD Shadow-Ops CMD 16567 29900 0 Authorized Yes

    The above is a reference to a server we have tht shows as local server and ip. I created a new rank provider for the ip server. Left the original setup local server. and was able to authorise both. Without this, I wasnt able to get stats to update without manually doing snapshots.

    So with that games then register on local server but the server will show offline. But the IP server will show the current live status of the server, but not register games.

    Although this might not be the correct way. it worked this way for us, and we have had no troubles.

    This was done this way due to the internet/lan setup of the server in the US. My own setup in the UK with a router and LAN it all works on local server.
  5. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    Well, when I've started to worry about why snapshots aren't going automatically, I entered View Registered Servers.

    There were two servers registered, one with and another with First one was authorized, second one none. So after some digging I found that in "Manage Ranked Providers", in the provider settings, there was only IP address in the list. So I addred external IP BUT veeeery big and long error appeared!! Removed again - this error went away...

    So I thought maybe if there's only external IP which is waiting for snapshots anyway, let's leave this ip only and remove internal. So removed server.

    Anything wrong with this config?
  6. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Yes, the error does arrive when there are 2 ips with one being the

    The only solution for me at the time was to create another Rank Provider. This then allowed me to authorise the server with IP address.

    PM me if you would like me to take a look at your ASP
  7. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    kj, everything is working so far, snapshots are importing automatically.
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  8. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Thats good to hear mate.

    I have been busy recently. But, along with getting back onto Shadow-Ops for a good game, I will get onto your server for a good game to.
  9. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    hey thanks!

    by the way, I've sent you access to stats, take a look....

    you know what, regarding bf2s clone, I wonder if it's somehow easily possible to just copy two pages from stats admin, PLAYERS and PLAYER PAGE, along with some system files and make temporarily leaderboard, how do you think?
  10. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    You can easily configure bf2sclone for the leaderboard. but for player stats is a little more work.

    The basics as you know are the mysql_connect arguements.
  11. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    kj, I found this in modmanager_debug.log

    Added player 3, CybMcloud (2900021) to medal/rank checking
    Getting STATS for player CybMcloud (2900021)...
    Requesting player STATS via Host
    Requesting player AWARDS via Host
    Unlock module: onPlayerConnect
    Requesting unlocks: Success
    Added player 3 to unlock checking
    Running CSE Verification Check on Player ( CybMcloud)
    URI: /ASP/verifyplayer.aspx?pid=2900021&nick=%20CybMcloud
    Backend CSE Response on Player ( CybMcloud): OK - Player Is Valid
    onAwardsResponse -> Medal request failed for player 3 : onStatsResponse -> Stats request FAILED for player 3 : <Failed looking up the hostname>
    Unlocks request failed for player 3 ( CybMcloud): <Failed looking up the hostname>

    any ideas why these errors are showing up?
  12. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    I think request are failing ingame, because BFHQ shows everything correctly. Totally confused :(
  13. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    How are your server weapon unlocks?

    I see they are set for earned. Have they been earning ok?
  14. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    I don't know yet, because the server is ran for 2-3 days and not so much players yet... What version of modmanager is latest? I have version 1.4. Maybe this is a reason? Is modmanager somehow responsible in data movement between client and server or it is just manager? I don't remember really.... I see errors for UNLOCKS and MEDLS. But again, everything is good at BFHQ
  15. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    Weapon unlocks mode is set to EARNED
  16. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Are you and your members unlocking weapons though?
  17. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    not yet, I think they must play enough to earn it
  18. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Im not 100% sure, but I think it might be to do with unlocks. I know that we had trouble with unlocks being earned.

    So we set them as all unlocked.

    Id wait and see if anyone gets a weapon unlock, or if the message appears again.
  19. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    maybe I need to set domain in backend address instead of IP?
  20. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    There's error with Medals also - onAwardsResponse -> Medal request failed for player 0

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