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Discussion in 'BF2 Server Administration' started by MarkusxX, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. MarkusxX

    MarkusxX New Member

    Hello, i want to make a new Server now i am Stupid German :D

    The current database version is higher than the expected database version!!!

    - Database version (3.0.3): Fail

    Can everyone help me for update this in Plesk or via ssh? :(

    I have remove in Database the 3.0.4 and 3.0.5 to 3.0.3 for Test...

    How can i set UP the System with Linux?

    What is with the Controll Center? Any Install Infos?
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  2. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Go into your database via phpmyadmin or simular. goto the versions table and delete 3.0.4 and 3.0.5 leave only the first 4 0 through 3
  3. MarkusxX

    MarkusxX New Member

    Yes this works for me :)

    Is this Possible to Use this on Linux with the Controll system?
  4. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    both the web ASP and BF2 server files will run on linux OS. The redirecting of gamespy from server end will be the only possible problematic part I can see.
  5. MarkusxX

    MarkusxX New Member

    Okey, then i need to use better Windows VPS
  6. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    It is possible to setup on linux OS. and also have a redirect host script running on the linux game server for the gamespy redirects. Its just alot easier to setup on a windows enviroment for client and server working stats in and out of game.
  7. MarkusxX

    MarkusxX New Member

    1 Question :

    When i use the ASP in Controll Center and set Mysql Database from the Private Stats Admin there come Error :
    Unknown column "dbver" in "fild list"
  8. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Is this control panel from your webhost?

    Not quite sure im with you on your question fully. Sorry
  9. MarkusxX

    MarkusxX New Member

    From Windows Controll Panel when i use ASP Stats Server Database and i use same database from Web Panel
  10. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    Im afraid Im still no help on that one. I see no reference to dbver in stats database.

    Maybe another member will see this soon and give a possible help.

    Sorry I could help more. Will continue to check though
  11. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    If you are updating to Beta 3, you must use a fresh database!!!!
  12. MarkusxX

    MarkusxX New Member

    Okey, and how can connect this with the Controll Panel ASP ?
  13. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    I believe he did a fresh install. I think the troubles he is having is the control panel in plesk and ASP.

    Im not fluent in the linux side of things here, and some more info from OP might help here.

    Now, going only by the above posts. Im presuming that you have everything installed as should be. ASP files on webhost. BF2 server files on bf2 server ect.
    I presume you have set a new database and all the tables are populated as should be. I also presume that you can log into the ASP stats admin, thus the error message about versions in post above.

    I apologise for my misunderstanding your question fully, but could you clarify where you are with the install of stats and where you need to go to next.

  14. MarkusxX

    MarkusxX New Member

    is there any chance to run this under Windows Server without Apache?
  15. kjhedges

    kjhedges Member

    The above is a list of alternatives to apache

    Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows® Server would be your ideal easy solution. But there are others to explore
  16. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Are you trying to run the Control Center with MySQL set as the database? If so, the new ASP database will not work with the Control Center's ASP webserver.

    Otherwise, when you first open the ASP in a web-browser and an empty database, you should be redirected to the setup screen.

    Not sure if this will work with Window IIS webserver, as Apache mod_rewrite is required.
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  17. MarkusxX

    MarkusxX New Member

    Ok Thanks, i think i have big misstake to understand this all .

    For Running BF2 Server with Login Emulator and other i need the Controll Center for Windows, and the Web ASP Center is external and cant connect to control center? and What i need for Runn BF2 withthe Web ASP ?
  18. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    You don't need the control center at all! Everything you need is included with the zip file the ASP comes in.

    The control center is used instead of the ASP for people who play COOP or local lan play!

    On your personal PC, you can use the GameSpy Redirector to have your bf2 client use your ASP and Login Emulator.
  19. MarkusxX

    MarkusxX New Member

    All work... i use the GameSpy Redirector only i become on Login or register error

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  20. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    are you using the hosts.ics mode?

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