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Custom Maps & Awards

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by viper, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. viper

    viper New Member

    It is possible to have custom maps tracked with bf2statistics within it's web interface? And is there any way to create your own awards or modify the current award requirements?
  2. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    Hi Viper.
    Yes that would be possible, you have to assign the custom map's, map number's in constants.py...

    [blockquote]mapMap = {
    "kubra_dam" : "0",
    "mashtuur_city" : "1",
    "operation_clean_sweep" : "2",
    "zatar_wetlands" : "3",
    "strike_at_karkand" : "4",
    "sharqi_peninsula" : "5",
    "gulf_of_oman" : "6",
    "daqing_oilfields" : "100",
    "dalian_plant" : "101",
    "dragon_valley" : "102",
    "fushe_pass" : "103",
    "hingan_hills" : "104",
    "songhua_stalemate" : "105",
    "devils_perch" : "300",
    "iron_gator" : "301",
    "night_flight" : "302",
    "warlord" : "303",
    "leviathan" : "304",
    "mass_destruction" : "305",
    "surge" : "306",
    "ghost_town" : "307",
    "wake_island_2007" : "601",
    UNKNOWN_MAP = 99[/blockquote]

    If the map doesnt have assigned a number, it will be 99, so just add the one's you want in here...

    Same goes for the .aspx files.

    Depending on what vehicles etc the map has, that would also need to be integrated.

    But if there are just the normal vehicles etc in the cusom map's, it should work.

    To get it it to show in the web backend, edit the cusom maps in BF2Stats-keys.php (if you are using the one we released)

    [blockquote]$this->mapKey = array(

    "0" => "Kubra Dam",
    "1" => "Mashtuur City",
    "2" => "Operation Clean Sweep",
    "3" => "Zatar Wetlands",
    "4" => "Strike at Karkand",
    //"99" => "Strike at Karkand 2",
    "5" => "Sharqi Peninsula",
    "6" => "Gulf of Oman",
    "100" => "Daqing Oilfields",
    "101" => "Dalian Plant",
    "102" => "Dragon Valley",
    "103" => "FuShe Pass",
    "105" => "Songhua Stalemate",
    "300" => "Devils Perch",
    "301" => "Iron Gator",
    "302" => "Night Flight",
    "303" => "Warlord",
    "304" => "Leviathan",
    "305" => "Mass Destruction",
    "306" => "Surge",
    "307" => "Ghost Town",
    "601" => "Wake Island 2007"


    If anyone have more thoughts on this, just fille me in.

    About the custom awards, yes that is possible, but requires good knowledge.
    We have tried. :)

  3. viper

    viper New Member

    That's what I was looking for - Thanks! :)
  4. Kinsman

    Kinsman New Member

    The addition, of custom maps, requires MUCH coding in the aspx, to work properly. Starting with, but not limited to getplayerinfo of course.

    It can, and has been done, trickier still, is the coding required, for custom game types, and scoring.

    We still, have no solution, for Desert Conflicts great CTF Mod, so remain off the radar for now. :(
  5. fee501st

    fee501st New Member

    You happen to have a guide or tutorail about About making custom awards? like where to put the award picture and image format it should be in? tryed google couldnt find much info
  6. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    I think you have to wait for chump, he got it almost working, after alot of hard work. He is the only one i know, that could explain how it works.
  7. fee501st

    fee501st New Member

    Cool, i figure how to edit badges, but the ribbons and medals dont work.
  8. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    It could be awarded "silent" on the stats site though, that would be alot easyer than ingame.
  9. DarkPepe

    DarkPepe New Member

    Can anybody tell me what part of the aspx scripts mus be edited to add custom maps?
  10. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member


    // Map info
    elseif ($info == 'mtm-,mwn-,mls-')
    print "H\\tpid\\tnick\\tmtm-0\\tmtm-1\\tmtm-2\\tmtm-3\\tmtm-4\\tmtm-5\\tmtm-6\\.... etc...
    $num += 497;
  11. DarkPepe

    DarkPepe New Member

  12. Mal

    Mal New Member

    - we have tried and failed or
    - we have tried and it worked?

    hmm ... I'd like to experiment with that.
    mng: Is there any more info to that?
    not a complete howto or anything but eg a hint where the medals and badge images are stored? So I could like hack my way backwards by modifying an existing award ...
  13. MacNeill_USA

    MacNeill_USA New Member

    Well I am gonna get it figured out....5 hours for veteran and 10 hours for Expert. (maybe) Keep the kills but definetly get rid of the lame hour requirements....

    Now I figure I can recode the BF2 server files, it is just matching them to the PHP stuff that will get me. And do I need to any more.

    I want to do my part cause I have got a new out look on BF2 and it is thanks to this site. Nice Guy, I need new orders here....I will take up this challenge.