Crash after joining, please help

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by LevAnni, May 30, 2019.

  1. LevAnni

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    Guys does anybody have an isea what might be wrong? Some players experiense crash to desktop just right after they join server.

    All sservices are up and running. Seems like gamespy redirect problem but I'm not sure. Players with this problem still can connect to account server, create or retreave their accounts, but as soon as they hit join server, their client crushes to desktop instantly.

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  2. kjhedges

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    are they using the Redirector program from this site to redirect gamespy and connect to server?
  3. LevAnni

    LevAnni Member

    All fixed now, seems like no other client must be running when connecting to the server. Like BF2hub client and so on....

    What I have learned so far, regarding this issue is that if a client uses BF2hub for instance, and he tries to connect to my server, his BF2 crashes if there is no real account associated at my server. So if I want this kind of player to connect successfully, I need to create exact same player with his real PID in my server's database. Then they connect. Otherwide, they need to close their running clients, close BF2 and then launch Gamespy redirector and run BF2 from there.

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  4. kjhedges

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    Nice work around.

    I dont actually use bf2hub and have custom bf2.exe file for connecting to Shadow-Ops Command.

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