Coop Infantry Only?

Discussion in 'BF2 Server Administration' started by Salzstange, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Salzstange

    Salzstange Member

    Is there any chance to run a coop server with infantry only? When i choose the infantry only option nothing happens :eek:
  2. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Its possible if you play with modded maps from BF2_SPX mod, which is the enhanced single player 16/32/64 size vanilla and booster maps mod. Basically its BF2 with all maps having Bot support (on all sizes), and the ability to play the booster maps offline in 1.41 and older versions of the game. AIX 2 also allows this!

    What you need to do is pick Conquest, then "No Vehicles" settings option, and then launch the server with the extra parameter "+ai 1". I'm not sure if this works with any other mods, but those 2 are the mods i use and it works great. If you know how to edit maps, you can also just remove the vehicles from the maps and rename them to something else

    In the next couple of days i will be releasing the new Version of the Control Center and it will provide full support for the BF2_SPX mod (since some of the map names are different), but until then it still works :)

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