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    Hey everyone, I've been working diligently on the new version of the BF2Statistics Control Center, and decided it was time to upgrade the framework on which the control center was built on, and take advantage of the newer C# 5.0 features. I've done quite a bit of testing myself, but as always, i cannot find all the bugs :) . Below i will include a link to the new 2.0 version, and you guys post any issues you find in this thread so i can get any bugs i may have missed fixed before release.

    One of the big changes was switching installers! The control center will now use Install Shield installer instead of the crappy Microsoft one from before, so heads up on that :) . Also, the installer should automatically install the required .Net framework and C++ redistributes if they are not already installed on your system.

    Download Link: MediaFire

    In case any of you guys were wondering, every single line of code behind the control center was reviewed and updated since the last release before this beta, and quite a few changes were made, such as logging was made fully asynchronous, as well as the processing of snapshots. A few bugs were also fixed such as the login emulator not reporting when players were logged correctly on the Account View List. Basically, crap tons of changes and updates :) .
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