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comprehensive documentation - offer

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by redilS, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. redilS

    redilS Member

    Hi there folks

    I just recently joined this community and I'm having great problems getting BF2Statistics up and running just like several others have too. The main reason for this seems to be the lack of a constistent download area and the (sorry but that's true) half completed documentation.

    Listen, I'm not gonna yell at the developers, because they're doing a great job :) Instead of this, I'm offering my help at this point. What I would like to do is to collect as much information about the project (files, setup and maintenance documentation) which is definately spread all over this board and put it together inside a comprehensive documentation.

    If the founders and the community approve my idea I'd willingly do the job.

  2. P@L

    P@L Member

    have u followed this tutorial -->> -LINK-

    Works for me..

    Or WCC's coop tutorial -->> -LINK-

    works that too..

    This is not that im flaming u in anyway.. but as the song by barenaked ladies goes "its all been done.. befoooooree"
  3. redilS

    redilS Member

    See, that's exactly what i meant - small pieces of information splattered all over the board. I read those tuts I but still have a hard time finding those little details about small fixes to the "engine" etc. See for yourself how much updates are buried inside postings...

    All in all... what's so bad about one complete HowTo document one can download? A neat little package containing all one needs :)

    Well, maybe there's really no need for such a thing. Nevermind, it was just an idea.
  4. P@L

    P@L Member

    dunno really.. but why not put something together and let the users decide if it was worth it or not =)
    If it only helps one user it was worth it..

  5. hurr1k4ne

    hurr1k4ne Member

    Have you seen the documentation link in the top menu??

    It is just the basics. So it would be great if you would collect all other stuff. Then i can add it there...

    THX for the offer, you may get in contect with me