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Cant connect to My Local Rank Server except use internet access comp

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by romanticpurple, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. romanticpurple

    romanticpurple New Member

    can anybody fix this ?

    im already installed bf2statistic in my "A" computer . fyi this computer , doesnt have internet access.

    then im tested the connection with another computer (this computer have internet access),. i started BF2.exe, creating online account , and it works well , including the gameplay, and the rank . I checked in bf2stats local database, the database already created with my account. Compltly satisfied. But when i change the LAN IP of this computer to the another IP that not have internet access, when im trying to play BF2 , and create online account .. comes the trouble.. it said "refuse connection". fyi im already creating host.ics (ip-server bf2web.gamespy.com).

    theres same problem in another computer that not have internet access.

    can any body help me to solved this, why it only connected with internet access computer ?
  2. DynoHC

    DynoHC New Member

    problem might be that u set up statistics, but for login and creating account, BF2 still connects to the official servers.
    Download gs login server, and set it up, it might solve ur problem: