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Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by pclarmy, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. pclarmy

    pclarmy New Member

    After long work and help of the good guy Lumo, we have next problem.
    We did run all over to find the problem, but cant find it.

    here is the situation:

    game server is a linux debian. here is running the bf2 server. ip adres of it is: bf2 runs on port 16565
    All phyton files for bf2statistics are there , also did the spoof and the redirect, that all is correct.

    the webserver is also a linux debian.
    here is the ASP installed.
    ip adres of that server is:
    dont know for sure the port, think 80 as default in the asp files.
    the ssh of this server runs on port 2200

    My home pc.
    Here is running the game client.

    Now the problem.
    When we in game, the badges and all works, nice to see how on our own server the badges comes up when you earned it. that works great.
    it is not coming in the database on webserver.
    the database stays totaly emty.
    there is also no server to find in the server list, no awards no kills nothing.

    When i look in the log file of the game server in the phyton files. the server logs tell me: sometimes this:

    Stats request failed for player 1 :
    Medal request failed for player 1 : Unlocks request failed for player 1 (TheBulletCollector):

    I have cmodded the complete dir of phyton and all maps under it to 777 also, nothing helps.
    The i have also configured , the ip there to webserver is right, and i give up port 80 as it is defalut there in that file.

    Can some one please help me out on this. PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you can even put me on msn but please help me out.
    here is my msn email adres:
  2. gf69

    gf69 New Member

    What are the logs in the ASP dir saying? Are the database permissions set properly and info in the config file? Check your apache logs on the webserver and see if the gameserver is sending the info.
  3. pclarmy

    pclarmy New Member

    The asp logs on _prrocessed are emty, no logs at all.
    Apache acces log also emty
    Rest is configured correct in asp.
  4. pclarmy

    pclarmy New Member

    i drop the tables in database and re install the database again.
    get 1 error while creating database.

    rest all is ok installed, just this 1 error:

    2006-12-17 04:32:00 : -> Weapons Table Installed
    2006-12-17 04:32:00 : Loading Default Database Data
    2006-12-17 04:32:00 : -> ERROR: Version Data *NOT* Loaded: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '.2, 1166326320)' at line 1
    2006-12-17 04:32:00 : -> IP 2 Nation Data (0 records) Loaded

    Maby thats the problem ?? dont know
  5. gf69

    gf69 New Member

    If the apache logs are empty, no data is getting sent to the web box. When those scripts send to the ASP dir, the logs that were not processed are outside the _processed dir. Are there any logs there and how recent are the dates on them if so? I was getting the same error with mysql with the new stats scripts, that's why I had to use the ones posted in the howto on
  6. lumo

    lumo New Member

    no need to downgrade to 1.3
  7. pclarmy

    pclarmy New Member

    it works YES it works,
    After 3 months fighting on the script it finaly works.
    great thanks to Lumo, guy your the best. without you it never works for me. Thanks mate!!
  8. GunnyJD

    GunnyJD New Member

    pclarmy, can you please explain what was done to fix this issue. just pasting your thank you's doesn't help the rest of the community.
  9. Copey

    Copey New Member

    Can you let us know what you did to correct the problem?

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