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bf2web.gamespy.com IP adress

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by wurzelsepp, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. wurzelsepp

    wurzelsepp New Member

    Does anyone knows whats the ip adress of bf2web.gamespy.com?

    I feel it will solve the crash when login into the online account (when gameserver doesnt run)...

  2. Inslaber

    Inslaber New Member

    bf2web.gamespy.com is
  3. wurzelsepp

    wurzelsepp New Member

    ok thx!

    for all, who have the online account crash:

    Go to:
    C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc and copy the hosts.isc and rename it to for example hosts_privatestats.isc then open the original hosts.ics with the texteditor and delete the
    then delete the bf2web.gamespy.com line.

    Everytime you play offline ranked (with privatestats) rename the hosts.isc to anything you want and the hosts_privatestats.isc to hosts.isc. (your server must run when you want to join a online account with the hosts_privatestats.isc!!)

    i created 2 bat files so you dont have to rename the stuff

    if you want them say it i will upload them
  4. lumo

    lumo New Member

    masterx has a way simpler solution but it needs some custom modding stuff made by him (i cant do it sorry)

  5. hispeed

    hispeed New Member

    pls post .,bat files with full instructions
  6. frankking

    frankking New Member

    None of this is necessary. All you have to do is install treewalk DNS on your server, then make your primary DNS server on your game station the IP address of your game server. Done!

    Your Server will try all requests to the primary (your game server) and anything that fails, which should be everything but the gamespy address, will fail over to the secondary addresses.

    Of course,
    1. you have to hard code your DNS servers on your Server. You can find these by opening a command prompt (Start, Run, "cmd", ENTER), and typing "IPCONFIG /ALL".

    2. Write down your Primary and secondary (If you have one).

    3. Open your Network Settings (Right Click "My Network Places", click properties, (click "Manage Network Connections" on Vista) then Right Click "Local Area Connection".
    4. Double click TCP/IP (TCP/IPV4 on Vista).
    5. Click "Use the following DNS Server addresses.
    6. Set Preferred DNS server to your Game Server IP address.
    7. Set Alternate DNS Server to your Primary DNS that you wrote down above.

    Now you NEVER HAVE TO CHANGE ANYTHING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Any request that fails on the primary will be routed to the secondary!!!! Gamespy will never fail on the primary, and therefore always resolve to your server IP.

    I know this works because I have had it running for more than a year now at gttc.servegame.com. Even my friends all connect up and play without any batch files or anything.

    Although, the only reason you would need to do this on the workstations (change the DNS) is to make the stats show up internally to the game. If you dont, you still get the unlocks, awards, ranks, etc.

    The server is what talks to the script, not your game running on your PC.
  7. hispeed

    hispeed New Member

    my primary dns is and the treewalk readme says that treewalk will bog down xp cpu's that use this config. So I uninstalled it. Is there another way? All that work, got to the last step and my config won't work. :( bummer
  8. yobobaby

    yobobaby New Member

    bf2statistics Web Beta
  9. frankking

    frankking New Member

    I have run it like that before and never had an issue with it bogging down... I mean, your not running a 5000 member server here... I have had up to 32 people connected to my server and never had a bog down issue. You dont need to install it on your workstation, only the server.