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bf2statistics Web Beta Updates

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by R4Z0R49, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. R4Z0R49

    R4Z0R49 New Member

    hi guys,

    i hope everyone has had a good xmas and good new year

    im looking for some info about your web stats beta version is this still being made or has it come to a hold and does anyone have any new themes for it

    ive made a quick knock up of the UBAR theme and added your stats into it looks ok but looking for other ideas


  2. R4Z0R49

    R4Z0R49 New Member

    sorry ive just seen MrNiceGuys stats page and i very much would love to get a copy

    how about it MrNiceGuy will/can you allow us to download your web version
  3. Groda_Lotsapot

    Groda_Lotsapot New Member

    I've incorperated the sorting javascirpt functions that http://www.bf2s.com has as it's publicly usable in my stats system. I'm still fixing some stuff up as I just started it today, and currently only have it on the player.php page

    Check it out: http://bf2s.necrosoft.ca
  4. R4Z0R49

    R4Z0R49 New Member

    all i get is blank pages dam ie sucks
  5. Groda_Lotsapot

    Groda_Lotsapot New Member

    Yeah, I wrote it using Firefox to preview it, so I'm just fixing it now so that IE has no issues with it

    EDIT: Fixed now. Only issue is the unlocks.php issues which I have a bog listed in the Bug Section about (just figured out the problem today... no real solution just yet)