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BF2Statistics v3.1.0 Full Release!

Discussion in 'News' started by Wilson212, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Hello everyone!

    After many years of coding, testing, burning out, getting back into it and beta releases... The full release package for BF2Statistics v3 is finally out of beta and in full production mode! I want to thank everyone who stuck with me through this long process and provided me with details on the bugs they found and ideas to make the system better. I also want to provide a special thanks to MrNiceGuy for keeping this website active and not taking it down when times got slow and activity was sparse. Please enjoy this system, and feel free to share your BF2 stories here on this forum!

    System Requirements:
    • Apache 2.2 or newer.
    • Apache Mod Rewrite (popular Apache module)
    • PHP Version 5.6.2 or newer (PHP 7+ supported and preferred)
    • PHP PDO extension.
    • PHP pdo_mysql extension
    • MySQL 5.5 or newer (untested on older versions), or MariaDB 10.0 or newer.
    • Battlefield 2 Dedicated Server v1.2 or newer
    Your BF2 clients (users) should use the Gamespy Redirector to redirect their GameSpy requests to your services: http://bf2statistics.com/resources/battlefield-2-gamespy-redirector.8/

    Please report any bugs you find either on the forums or on the Github issues page located here. The zip file contains the ASP files that need to be in your www root folder, the server ranked python files, and a Gamespy Emulator designed to work with the new v3 database structure.

    Download Located Here: https://bf2statistics.com/resources/bf2statistics-web-edition-v3.9/update?update=43

    More information about this project can be found here: http://bf2statistics.com/threads/upcoming-v3-0-release.2933/

    Version 2 Unsupported

    Please note that the BF2Statistics version 2 web files are no longer supported. Any bug posts or requests for help on the version 2 software will be redirected to this page, with a recommendation of upgrading to version 3. Any version 2 databases will not be compatible with version 3, and there is no migration tool available. Unfortunately, there have been far too many changes in the database structure in version 3, as well as the stats that we are now keeping track of, that there would be too many "holes" in your stats data to be worth it. In v3 of this software, we made huge strides to keep "data integrity" a top priority during development, and as a core part of the system. For this I apologize, but it is for the best!

    What's next?

    Next, I plan on creating a new bf2sclone that is compatible with the new database structure. Please stay tuned for more details :D
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  2. Sunnyghost

    Sunnyghost Member

    Thanks for this final release. Looking forward to the new BF2sclone version :)
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  3. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy Founder Staff Member

    Howdy @Wilson212 :D

    Congrats on the release, great work!

    I decided to set this system up to see how it performs, and I'm super impressed by the amount of work you have put into this! :eek:

    Took a week probably to get everything set up properly, everything (ASP/Gamespy Emulator/BF2Server) running on Linux Debian 10. :cool:
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  4. Andrey Marchenko

    Andrey Marchenko New Member

    Hello everyone! Could you help me in adding and configuring statistics on my server?