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  1. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    BF2Statistics v2.1.0

    New System Requirements:
    - PHP PDO extension.
    - PHP pdo_mysql extension

    Change Log:
    - Client Launcher Updated to v1.3. (SetAcl.exe is no longer required, Disregard in readme).
    - Server Launcher Updated to v1.2. (no longer requires BAT files to install / remove python files).
    - ASP completly re-written to use PHPs built in Database Abstraction Layer (PDO). This greatly improves
    database query speeds during snapshot processing, as well as granting the ASP more database driver options.
    PDO supports more then just MySQL, but currently too many of the queries are written for MySQL only.
    - [ASP] Better Remote IP Address detection.
    - AI Bot Score Multiplier no longer is supported. The new Scoring scripts allow BOTS to
    use thier own scoring, seperate from players score. To adjust scoring, use the Server Launcher Option.
    - Fixed an issue with medal data, preventing Veteran & Expert special forces (Tactical, Zipline, GrapplingHook)
    badges from being earned when the player reached the requirements,
    - New Medal Data Editor (v1.1) included. This allows the editing of Medal and Rank criteria.
    - Replaced Gamespy Login Emulator with BF2 Login Emulator. These programs are practically the same, with the new
    system having better connection support, as well as better exception handling.

    - ASP has been tested with PHP 5.4.11 and 5.3.13. PHP 5.5.x has not been tested, but should work with no problems.
    - MySQL version used during testing: 5.5.24
    - Apache version used during testing: 2.2.22

    - Convert BF2sClone to use PDO, instead of the old depreciated native MySQL driver fuctions.

    A few Python scripts were modified in this update... All currently installed python files will need to be replaced.
    Refer to the Readme to get details on how to update the python scripts.

    Download Full Version:

    Download Lite Version (Only contains server python files, ASP, and Bf2sClone):
  2. BigObserver

    BigObserver New Member

    Hello @ ALL i have problems with the new version 2.1 BFStatistiks. When i in the ASP>Server Info>View Server> Error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function load_class() in /ASP/system/modules/Serverinfo.php on line 78
  3. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    Nice catch. To fix this bug, you just need to edit 1 line. Open your "ASP/system/modules/serverinfo.php", and edit line 78:
    $Template = load_class('Template');
    and change that to:
    $Template = new Template();
    I will fix this in the 2.1.1 release :)
  4. BigObserver

    BigObserver New Member

    Thank u, i will this include.
  5. BigObserver

    BigObserver New Member

    OK thats run now. Thank u. Sorry but i have the next Error found.
    If i go to logout: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Auth::CheckSession() in /ASP/system/core/Auth.php on line 119.
    I hope that´s ok if i post here?
  6. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    I actually had this error fixed... i must have forgot to copy over the updated script into the release package :S .. I will also fix this 2.1.1. For now just edit line 119, and replace with:
    if(!self::IsValidSession()) return;

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