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Solved Bf2Statistics Rank never works on a Linux Server!

Discussion in 'BF2Statistics discussion' started by BigObserver, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. BigObserver

    BigObserver New Member

    As a first I ask the programmers and administrators to install a Linux server with the Battlefield 2 Server Files and Stats-rankig own system to use it!

    You will find yourself in that ranking system does not work in the game. The only thing that works is the right BFHQ. This is supplied by the ASP folder with data.

    Why can not it work? Because the BF2 Linux files do not supply the appropriate files. So the basic requirement missing for the rank in the game. These files are responsible for the transmission of the game.

    As I have searched for months for the bugs to me and was of the opinion that it simply can not work under Linux, I have a Windows server can be created and record the transfers in the game separately. This was the result that in the BF2 Windows Server Files cache data is cached, then send the transmission of the stats on the Player. This can happen even without redirect! The ASP has two features. The first is to supply and the second BFHQ is to supply the Windows BF2Serverfiles with data. The ASP does not provide data to the player who is currently playing on a map if you running a Linux server. Therefore, one can not select weapons with a Linux server and press the TAB key to a rank is never displayed. You get the maximum rank 1, it will be deleted automatically checking after restarting the server.

    I do very much appreciate that you have developed this ranking system and supported it even further, because on Windows it works without problems. Perfect! I thank you for that.

    But I am very disappointed that it is claimed to bf2statistics.com, the ranking system works on Linux. This is not true! If it has still managed to anyone, then maybe an additional program was upper construction, and various server files reprogrammed. It's a pity about the time that I have sacrificed in order to determine then have: Linux server, the ranking does not work. The transmission of the Website Stats BF2scone to work perfectly. Also Perfect!

    What do we do now? Proposal. You put everything out that the ranking system works properly under Linux because the Linux server are clearly better server.
    If you give us a feedback that your programmed something for Linux, then I will definitely have upfront money to you. Because nothing is for free;) and I think that many server administrators have the same thoughts, and you are also paying for it.

    GERMAN-Translate by GOOGLE ;)

    Als 1. Bitte ich die Programmierer und Administratoren von bf2statistics.com einen Linux Server mit den Battlefield 2 Serverfiles zu installieren und das eigene Stats-Rankig system dabei zu benutzen!

    Ihr werdet selbst feststellen, dass das Rangsystem im Spiel nicht funktioniert. Das einzigste was richtig funktioniert ist das BFHQ. Dieses wird vom ASP-Ordner mit Daten beliefert.

    Warum kann es nicht funktionieren? Weil die BF2 Linux-Files die dafür vorgesehenen Files nicht mitliefern. So dass die Grundvoraussetzung für den Rang im Spiel fehlen. Diese Files sind zuständig für die Übertragung im Spiel.

    Da ich nun seit Monaten nach den Fehlern bei mir gesucht habe und der Meinung war, dass es einfach nicht unter Linux funktionieren kann, habe ich einen Windows Server erstellt und die Übertragungen im Spiel separat aufzeichnen lassen. Dabei kam das Ergebnis, dass in den BF2 Windows-Serverfiles Cache Daten zwischengespeichert werden, die dann die Übertragung der Stats an den jeweiligen Spieler senden. Dies geschiet auch ohne redirect! Das ASP hat 2 Funktionen. Die erste ist das BFHQ zu beliefern und die 2. ist, die Windows BF2Serverfiles mit Daten zu beliefern. Das ASP liefert keine Daten an den Spieler, der gerade auf einer Karte spielt, wenn man einen Linux Server betreibt. Daher kann man bei einem Linux Server keine Waffen auswählen und bei drücken der TAB-Taste wird auch nie ein Rang angezeigt. Man bekommt maximal den Rang 1 und dieser wird nach einem Neustart vom Server autmatisch gelöscht.

    Ich weiß es sehr zu schätzen, dass Ihr dieses Rangsystem entwickelt habt und es noch weiter betreut, denn unter Windows funktioniert es ohne Probleme. Perfekt! Ich danke euch dafür.

    Aber ich bin sehr enttäuscht davon, dass bei bf2statistics.com behauptet wird, das Rangsystem funktioniert unter Linux. Das ist nicht wahr! Wenn es doch jemand geschafft hat, dann wurde vielleicht ein zusätzliches Programm entwicket, oder diverse Serverfiles umprogrammiert. Es ist schade um die Zeit, die ich dafür geopfert habe, um danach feststellen zu müssen: Unter Linux Server funktioniert das Ranking nicht. Die Übertragung der Stats an BF2scone Webseite funktionieren ausgezeichnet. Auch Perfekt!

    Was machen wir jetzt? Vorschlag. Ihr setzt alles darauf, dass das Rangsystem unter Linux auch richtig funktioniert, denn die Linux Server sind die eindeutig besseren Server.
    Wenn Ihr uns eine Rückmeldung gebt, dass Ihr etwas für Linux programmiert, dann werde ich auf jeden Fall im Voraus Geld an Euch überweisen. Denn nichts ist kostenlos ;) und ich denke dass viele Server-Administratoren den gleichen Gedanken haben und euch auch dafür bezahlen werden.
  2. Wilson212

    Wilson212 Administrator Staff Member

    I myself never claimed this to work on linux, i am simply just the latest developer to work on the project. The python scripts should work regardless of the OS, So i imagine this limitation is hard coded into the game files. Do you mind sending me the linux "python" folder that comes with the linux server?
  3. SharK

    SharK Member

    tell me how you put the statistic that in the logs?
  4. BigObserver

    BigObserver New Member

    Hi guys, 1 Sorry about yesterday, was slightly annoyed because I had put so much time into the project and had to learn this disappointment. It was not meant personally. Hope it's all good between us. :)

    1 @ Wilson212 I have tried out all your stats versions and came to the conclusion that the version 1.4.5 works best and this I have currently on the Windows and Linux servers .

    Just a reminder that BFHQ and the site work on the Linux servers. I also get in the game the award. But these awards will be repeated each round.

    Processed Log: http://plipp.de/BF2-zatar_wetlands_ii_20130830_1959.txt
    ErrorLog: http://plipp.de/_stats_errors.log


    Hallo Jungs, 1. Sorry wegen gestern, war leicht verärgert, da ich so viel Zeit in das Projekt gesetzt hatte und dann diese Enttäuschung erfahren musste. Es war nicht persönlich gemeint. Hoffe es ist alles gut zwischen uns. :)

    1. @Wilson212 ich habe alle Eure Statistik Versionen durchprobiert und bin zu dem Entschluss gekommen, dass die Version 1.4.5 am besten funktioniert und diese habe ich momentan auch auf dem Windows und auf Linux.

    Nur zur Erinnerung, das BFHQ und die Webseite funktionieren auf dem Linux Servern. Auch bekomme ich im Spiel die Auszeichnungen. Aber diese Auszeichnungen wiederholen sich dann jede Runde.
  5. SharK

    SharK Member

    I tested all versions of ASP for Linux!
  6. BigObserver

    BigObserver New Member

    Can you possibly give us an instruction from beginning to end, that it really works? And please do not forget anything. Such as
    After having. Aspx responde only works properly.

    http://bf2statistics.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?7898.20 # post_7942

    "Which Python version needs a Linux server What is with the (. Htaccess). Which I do not really need on Linux, but Windows is this needed, etc. .."
    Instructions Example: "After you install your Linux server and your Battlefield servers have instllied, you need this, this and this still perform before you copy the files to the server statistics, etc ...

    Here is a post exclusively led to the end with only Windows. Linux runs every important post in the sand, or is not even answered.

    The most important things for a Linux Server to be addressed only piecewise. Still, no one was here to leave by the end able guidance of beginning. Because the standard instructions in the. Txt enough for anyone to operate your Linux server with rank.

    Until I had brought the ASP to running, I had to search here almost 14 days because part found then found a part in the next post. Sometime were over 14 days.

    Add link but for the people who have a Linux server from the beginning to the end of a guide then you'd have to also not constantly ignore duplicate posts, or to a next post. Created a link in the menu above with the word instructions....

    I do not want to seem ungrateful. Also know that you do it all in your spare time and a lot of work behind it and so I will donate to you here, or pay. Tell me what it will cost to write such a manual, I'm going to transfer the money. But please do not make a thing and please do not ignore the people here, if you ask you for help.

    I have a small service company. I run several servers and websites. I can offer you, for example, that you can use your website for free. Of course I would also confirm to you in writing. If this helps you to save money. :) Server traffic unlimited use. 10GB of disk space, etc. Let me know me.
  7. grampsfl

    grampsfl New Member

    deleted by grampsfl
  8. BigObserver

    BigObserver New Member

    Hello grampsfl,

    this is not a forum post where you can get an answer to your question. This is basically a correct guide for Linux server and therefore, that such questions of how in the future no longer need to be asked of you. Here programmers and administrators are asked or invited to answer that such instruction is written and what it costs for us.

    As a little reassurance for you. There are many other administrators the same question as you, I too :)

    Greetings BigObserver
  9. grampsfl

    grampsfl New Member

    Deleted by gramps
  10. BigObserver

    BigObserver New Member

    Hello grampsfl, please stop your replies in this forum post. It's not about the technical support of BF2Statistics. Please write a separate new post, but please not here. Thank you very much.

    Wilson212 Hello, can you please remove the posts of grampsfl here. He has missed the point. Thank you
    Please reply to you at the same time on my last question. Regards BigObserver
  11. grampsfl

    grampsfl New Member

    So sorry but you did make a post that says.
    "Bf2Statistics Rank never works on a Linux Server! "
    I really don't care where it is in forum!!
    All I am saying is it did work on LINUX!!
    So if there is a technical issue don't you think it would be very difficult to write a proper install?
  12. BigObserver

    BigObserver New Member

    Sorry grampsfl you have unfortunately missed the theme. It is not about the individual but the commonality. Please you should join the previously created forum contributions and post there or open a new topic. thank you

    Stats and BFHQ works perfect, but the Rank INGAME does not work.

    If it should still work with your server, then you can feel free to leave a tutorial here. Please call this also please what server you're using Linux, which Linux version, Which pythons and what it must be installed into the Linux server that the ranking-InGAME is displayed on a map and you can use the unlooks? Weapons?
  13. SharK

    SharK Member

    Problem fix!
  14. BigObserver

    BigObserver New Member

    I am happy, Shark-kun have fixed the Problem. And thats so easy. Thank U! Shark-Kun, thats ok if we make an instruction in this Forum. That the other Server-Admins can take this instruction for her own Bf2 Server???