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    The Time Has Come!
    BF2Statistics is a project that started 5 months ago,
    we all met on the BigHamster Forum, and we all wanted something bigger
    and better than the BF2Stats system, this is how
    BF2Statistics was born.

    Before we get down to features i want to introduce the team members of BFStatistics:

    * Chump our Head Coder AKA The CodeFather.

    * MrMiceGuy the man with the love for the WebStats,
    and Head Admin of This Site.

    * Twhyman the BFStatistics client author and Admin

    now to the main features of BF2Statistics :

    * Your Own Private Ranked Server wich is capable to produce:
    In-game awards, ranks and unlocks and Stats to appear in BFHQ.

    * Your Own database hosted on your server, and fully in your control.

    * Your Own WebStats System installed locally, to view and compare
    your stats with other clan members or players.

    * Centralized Database - to see and compare your stats against other

    * You control ranks, score and other in-game ranking parameters.

    In other words we are giving you the opportunity to install a Ranking System
    where ever you want it : clan server, lan parties and public Servers.

    We will announce the release of bf2statistics today 01.02.06.

    Hope you will enjoy BF2Statistics as much as we enjoyed building it

    BF2Statistics Team

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